David Bowie: Under Pressure!

I am lucky enough to grow up with the generation of David Bowie and Queen.

When I was a little boy, I had two dreams. They were to become:

  • a rock star
  • a scuba diver

I couldn’t become a rock star (yet:)

But I became a scuba diver when I was 12.

In academic sessions of my scuba diving course, our scuba dive instructor was always talking about “pressure.

She was repeatedly saying “under pressure.

Boyle’s Law, you know. [Read more…]

The Best Diving Spots in the Philippines


This post is submitted by Jess Signet, blogger and writer from Miami, Florida. Jess is publishing her article here as a Guest Blogger. I want to thank Jess for this great post.

Thanks to Dive With Seaman for sharing my article on the best diving spots in the Philippines. As an avid traveler and diver, their site has been a go-to resource for me. If you’re contemplating learning to dive on your next vacation, I recommend you read this article outlining seven reasons you absolutely need to try it!

Whether you’re a beginner or a master, you’re sure to find a dive spot in the Philippines that suits both your experience level and your dive interests. The country is undoubtedly one of the premiere dive destinations in the world—and especially because it’s a lot cheaper to dive in the Philippines than it is in many other countries! There are tons of different dive spots scattered around the country though, so how do you choose just one as your ideal dive destination? [Read more…]

Gift Ideas for Scuba Divers

Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthday or anniversary…

If you have a scuba diver friend, family member, a relative, girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband, you might find yourself in a difficult situation trying to find a valuable gift.

In this post, I collected the gifts I have bought for scuba divers in my lifetime.

Yes, it is cool to buy an underwater camera and gift it to your “fellow” scuba diver, but it requires a large amount of budget, right?

Here are some gift ideas for scuba divers that are unique and “wallet-saver“.

Please feel free to suggest your gift ideas for scuba divers in the comment section and help me expand this gift list.

Here we go!

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7 Reasons You Need To Try Diving

Oscar WaterworthThis post is submitted by Oscar Waterworth, a writer and a researcher from Sydney, Australia. Oscar is publishing his article here as a Guest Blogger. I want to thank Oscar for this great post.

Vacation is a time when you visit new places and experiment with new things you have never tried before. This ranges from just visiting a new place to engaging into some of the most daring challenges of your life. There is however an activity that will allow you to do both of these things at the same time. This activity is diving and here are 7 reasons why it is a great idea for you to try it at least once in your life, as well as why your vacation might be a perfect place for you to start. [Read more…]

Scuba Diving Books

We might have sharp scuba diving skills underwater like hovering, mask clearing and using alternate air soource. We can master these skills by practicing them enough.

Our academic knowledge about underwater physics, physiology, dive desease, dive tables and etc may also be good.

However, a scuba diver should always learn more to be able to be a better diver. Self improvement is the key.

For this purpose, we should read some informative books and watch educational documentaries (NatGeo is my favorite).

Today, I will suggest you to 5 books about scuba diving that I am sure you will improve yourself and become a better scuba diver than today. [Read more…]

GoRigIt: New GoPro Accessory

You guys know that we, outdoor people love to take shots where ever we are. That’s because we work hard to take those shots. We dive, climb, ride a lot to get there.

So it is very normal for people like us to love to take some shots of what we do and share it with the rest of the world.

I personally prefer to use GoPro cameras for this purpose and I own several models of it.

There are a couple of helpful GoPro reviews right here in divewithseaman.com to ease your decision if you are not sure which model to buy.

You can access these GoPro reviews here. [Read more…]

Scuba Diving in GTA 5

Several weeks ago, I have seen world-famous Barcelona player Lionel Messi on T.V. He was playing PES on Play Station. Ofcourse his virtual team was Barcelona as well. [Read more…]

Which Diver Certification Organization to Choose?

You want to scuba dive. After your breakfast, you are sitting on your office chair and turn on your computer. After a search process for a couple of minutes on Google, you realize that there are some scuba diving institutions like PADI, CMAS, SSI, NAUI, BISAC and such. Although you don’t know what they really are, you realize that there has to be an election among these. But according to what? What are the differences between them? And before anything else, what they really are? [Read more…]

Cancun’s Underwater Museum

Women and men holding hands of each other, a man burying his head into the sand, a parked Volkswagen and someone lying on the sheath of it.

Can you imagine all these underwater? You don’t have to. They are already there in Cancun, Mexico. [Read more…]

Burning Calories While Scuba Diving II

Eduardo Quintana MirandaThis is a guest post from Eduardo Quintana MirandaNuclear Physicist at the Cienfuegos University (Cuba). Eduardo sent me an e-mail right after I have published my “Burning Calories While Scuba Diving” article. He added some notes for me about this topic in an academic way and I have asked him to publish his notes here. I am sharing the e-mail that Eduardo sent me without editing. Eduardo, thank you for your valuable contribution.  [Read more…]