Suunto D6i Novo Review and Comparison

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    Hello all,

    For couple of months, I have been trying the new Suunto D6i Novo to be able to write a detailed review about it for you. I hope you find this review helpful and it can serve you deciding on which dive computer to buy this season.

    Suunto D6i Novo StoneFirst of all, if you are interested in purchasing a Suunto dive computer and you stopped by my blog, I advise you to read my “Suunto D6i Review” first, to be able to get an idea about this beautiful dive computer. What I’ll be telling you about in this review will most likely be the cont’d edition of my previous review about Suunto D6i. That because, ammmm… they are almost the same dive computer with “small” changes.

    Okay, here we go.

    3 months ago, I got my cargo.

    I knew it was my brand new Suunto D6i Novo Stone and opened it really fast to see how it look like.

    What Is in the Box?

    1. Suunto D6i Novo Stone along with its black (because mine is Stone) silicone strap as well as the extension strap (for dry suit diving).
    2. USB cable
    3. Safety brochure
    4. Quick Start Guide
    5. Legal dive brochure
    6. Warrant document (hint: it is 2 years)
    7. User Manual CD
    8. Suunto logo if you like to stick somewhere

    The user interface hasn’t changed; it is exactly the very same with other Suunto D series dive computers. So if you are used to with D series, you’ll not be hesitating to use Suunto D6i Novo.

    On default, you’ll see the time mode with time and date on your Suunto D6i Novo’s screen.

    General Features of Suunto D6i Novo

    Here I have listed some key features of Suunto D6i Novo that matters for me and thought also for you.Suunto D6i Novo Stealth

    • Steel case
    • Sapphire crystal glass
    • Suunto RGBM – decompression algorithm
    • Can be switched between 3 gases
    • 5 modes: Air, Nitrox, Gauge, Free and Off
    • Apnea timer
    • 3D digital compass
    • Wireless air integration (sold separately)
    • Dive planner is built in
    • You can use Suunto’s software to see your logs’ graphics
    • Good design, can also be worn on social life
    • Anti-footprint coating on screen
    • 4 different colors to choose from (Black, Stone, White and Stealth)

    Your Suunto D6i Novo will be automatically activated (switch to Dive Mode) when you dive deeper than 1.2 meters (4 feet). However, it is better to activate your dive computer prior to your dive. This is important because you better control the altitude, battery condition and etc before you start your dive.

    When Suunto D6i Novo switches to Dive Mode, all the displays will be activated and you’ll hear a beep sound.

    Don’t worry, your dive computer is just executing some checks. A couple of seconds later, everything will turn back as it has to be.


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    Pros & Cons of Suunto D6i Novo Dive Computer

    Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

    Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

    Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this lovely dive computer.

    I wanted to share everything I have experienced with Suunto D6i Novo as clearly as possible to give you a good idea about this product before you decide to buy it.


    • Good design, so you can wear it in your daily life, too.
    • Reading the data is easy.
    • Tough steel case is good for protection.
    • Silicone straps don’t wear easily like rubber ones.
    • Anti-fingerprint feature on glass will help you not to freak out when you see stains on your screen.
    • Sapphire glass is tough, so it is not that easy to crack it.
    • Wireless air integration potential.
    • You can use up to 3 Nitrox mixes (between 22% – 99% oxygen)
    • Digital compass; no need to carry a compass with you.


    • A very conservative dive algorithm. This leads more surface time and less bottom time.
    • Suunto declares that the owners must not replace batteries on their-selves. An authorized technical service must do it, otherwise your dive computer will break the warranty rules.
    •  Firmware update cannot be done by the owners (like online), it should be done by Suunto’s service centers.
    • Might not be cost effective for some scuba divers based on their needs.


    Don’t like to read? Watch this helpful Suunto D6i Novo Review from



    Comparison with Similar Models

    I wanted to help you to give a better idea about Suunto D6i Novo by comparing it with Suunto D6i and Suunto D4i Novo.

    This way, you can clearly see the differences and make your decision by knowing which one fulfills your needs and desires.

     Suunto D6i Novo, Suunto D6i and Suunto D4i Novo Comparision Chart



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    What Does Seaman Say?

    Suunto is a very reputable company, for sure.

    They are experts in producing dive computers.

    Personally, I love Suunto D series and I really liked the new member of Suunto family; Suunto D6i Novo. I think their colors are very catching and stylish.

    However, when it comes to benefit/cost ratio, you must analyze your needs.Suunto D6i Novo White

    Suunto D6i is a good-looking dive computer, yes.

    But (assuming we are all rational buyers) no-one would like to pay just for the way a dive computer looks, right?

    Do you really need a digital compass? 

    Are you going to be making dives that will require using up to 3 gases between 21 – 99% oxygen?

    You can generate more questions by looking at the comparison chart I created above.

    If you have too many “nos” to these questions you have prepared, then you should be thinking about buying another dive computer.

    If you liked the idea of owning a colorful dive computer, you may want to purchase a Suunto D4i, for instance.

    You can read my Suunto D4i Review here.

    On the other hand, if your answers are “yes“, then don’t think about purchasing another dive computer but Suunto D6i Novo. It has too many useful features, if you think you are going to use them.

    Any questions in mind? 

    Please don’t hesitate to ask your questions by using the comment section below.

    Suunto D6i Novo Stone with Transmitter

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    Divers who share this will always see more fish in their dives


      1. Hello, wondering if there is something wrong in your comparison chart.

        I am not sure if there is a digital compass in D6i Novo, but I do remember there is no digital compass in D4i Novo.

        Correct me if I am wrong.

      2. Hi,
        I would like to add two important remarks for this review:
        – there is only non-deco planner built in so not useful if you use 3 gases on the other hand
        – D6i Novo does not indicate a change to deco gas during ascending and a changing the gases is very complicated and not effective (attracting a diver attention for too long time)

        • Hello there Glowijac,

          Thank you very much for your awesome comment for my Suunto D6i Novo review.

          I am sure your comment will help other readers on their decision making.

          Take care.

      3. Hello Seaman,
        Good explanation and nice comparison chart. I can give you one suggestion regarding your comparison chart. If you can use a plugin instead of image in your comparison chart, you will get good ranking in google.

      4. Hi Seaman,

        Features are very much similar yes. Can the D6i Novo strap be fitted onto the older D6i? If yes, it will be an alternative to the D6i strap which is so prone to breaking. An there are many feedback about the D6i strap.

        • Hello Afiz,

          Sorry for the delayed response. I needed to check my answer from several sources.

          Yes, the D6i Novo strap is compatible to D6 and older D6i.


      5. Hi Seaman,
        Does D6i with Sapphire glass?

      6. Sure, saphire glass is available for all models

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