Burning Calories While Scuba Diving II

Eduardo Quintana MirandaThis is a guest post from Eduardo Quintana MirandaNuclear Physicist at the Cienfuegos University (Cuba). Eduardo sent me an e-mail right after I have published my “Burning Calories While Scuba Diving” article. He added some notes for me about this topic in an academic way and I have asked him to publish his notes here. I am sharing the e-mail that Eduardo sent me without editing. Eduardo, thank you for your valuable contribution.  [Read more…]

Burning Calories While Scuba Diving

This year, scuba has become a new trend in some fields. Making a dress by using neoprene was one of topics I have mentioned before (click here for that article). Scuba not only became a trend in fashion, but also in “burning calories“. Celebrities like Jessica Alba and Sandra Bullock are scuba divers. Scuba diving seems to be a good activity rather than a fat-burner sport, however it does help burning calories.  [Read more…]