Underwater Ruins in Japan: Who Built Them?

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    A man-face carved stone, giant steps, perfectly cut platforms and stadium-like structure… We all know this kind of ancient ruins from civilizations like the great Maya. Pyramids in Egypt are another example. Scientists haven’t been able to find out how these structures have been built yet. How people were able to cut those heavy stones perfectly and carry them from one place to another, thousands years ago? Was somebody helping those people? What if I tell you that there are even stranger shapes under the water?

    Masaaki Kimura is a marine geologist working on his studies at the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan. Kimura suspects an ancient civilization underwater off Yonaguni Island. Yonaguni Island is the last chain of the Ryukyu Islands (consist of more than 60 islands including Okinawa) and very close to Taiwan.

    Underwater ruins” underwater off the YonaguinIsland are mysterious and fascinating. Scientists say that this monument cannot be natural. Because these underwater ruins have perfect rectangular, stairways and channels possibly for crossing. We know that the water shapes objects. But it has its own way doing that. Even if we cannot define this “own way” of water shaping the objects like a scientists, we can clearly say “this is artificial” or “this is natural” when we look at a scene. And I can clearly say that the underwater ruins in Japan are definitely artificial.

    If these underwater ruins are artificial, then we should discuss who have built them? Thousands years ago, was the engineering this advanced? Some people think that this monument cannot be built by ancient people living in Japan. But if they haven’t built this, who did then?

    I am sure you have heard about the “Ancient Astronaut Theory“. May some “outsiders” have come to this place and built/helped to build this monument? Let me tell you more about the importance of the place that these underwater ruins lay.

    Yonaguin Island is located on the corner of the “Dragon Triangle“. It is like the famous “Bermuda Triangle“. Very same things happen in the Dragon Triangle. Ships sink, planes disappear, compasses break down… Even the Japan government has declared that this area is “thorn“. What is interesting is that the Bermuda and Dragon Triangles are on the same parallel in terms of geography.

    And according to Colombo, there were some objects coming out of the water and flying in this area.  Is this a coincidence? I want you to watch the video below from History Channel about the issue.

    What I am thinking is that the Dragon Triangle is something related to the magnetism of the Earth. So it is not that interesting to locate on the same parallel with the Bermuda Triangle. But on the other hand,  it is obvious that the structure is artificial and it is hard to believe that the ancient Japans have built such a huge and perfect monument. But maybe stone-age was far more civilized than we are thinking they were.

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    Photos from http://cgi.diving.marine.mepage.jp/cgi/menu.cgi/Pyngudr/RE00

    Divers who share this will always see more fish in their dives

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