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November 12, 2013

5 Steps to Choose a Leak-Proof Mask

You are in Cayman Islands at last! Your dreams came true! You found yourself on a dive boat, listening to the dive master briefing about the dive spot.

You are giant stepping onto the light blue colored surface and seeing colorful fish welcoming you when you descent a little bit due to your jump and surface again. Even this scene was totally amazing that you were almost forgetting to five okay sign to the boat after your jump.

Everything is almost ready; every diver in your group is making their final checks on the surface. You are spitting into your dive mask (read: Why Do We Spit Into Our Dive Masks) or (like one of the toughest Dive With Seaman readers, Gail Kersten says: “Ladies never spit“) applying a mask defogger solution. Ready to go?

When you are at the middle of your dive, your mask starts to leak water! WTH?!?!

You couldn’t even see that giant fish around you, not even mentioning the potential snapshots you missed. There are few shots you made with your u/w camera, but they are far away from making it.

Your whole dive was a struggle with your mask. You always had to clear your mask which also resulted in high air consumption and less bottom time.

Owning a leak-proof mask is very important, because diving is a sport that relies on “seeing.”

Don’t worry; there are some easy-to-apply steps to choose a leak-proof dive mask without even touching the water. You can also use these steps prior to your dives to be able to choose a dive mask to rent. But having your own mask is incredibly important because its silicone will take shape of your face. This will help the mask to become more leak-proof.

Follow the steps below to after you liked a dive mask and want to purchase it in a dive shop.

  1. Grab the mask you’d like to purchase
  2. Wear it without sliding the head belt
  3. Hold the mask on your face with one hand
  4. Inhale normally through your nose
  5. Watch the mask is stable on your face

If the mask is not falling down from your face due to the vacuum you made by inhaling through your nose, you found your mask!

The logic behind this is simple:

If the mask is vacuuming after you inhale, it means that the mask is not leaking air. So it will not leak water when you are underwater.

If the mask you tried is not “sucking your face,” you should choose another mask of your choice and go to step 1.

For tips on choosing a dive mask before you try these steps, you can take a look at the dive mask page here

From now on, you know how to choose a leak-proof dive mask. You’ll feel the comfort of the mask you chose by applying these steps in your dives.

Here are some tips about the mask trial:

  • Never buy a dive mask without trying it
  • Don’t buy dive masks that are being sold in packages (that is not permitted to take out of package and try)
  • If you are unsure about the vacuum that the mask you are trying, try another one
  • Try the brand/model in a dive shop close to you before you order it from the Internet

These steps and tips on choosing a proper dive mask will help you make safe and enjoyable dives.

Have you tried the mask you own right now?

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