50 Hours Underwater: New World Record!

On 5th of October, World Record Diving Malta got the title with Sean McGahern. McGahern has stayed underwater in St.George’s Bay, Malta for 49 hours and 56 minutes last weekend. World Record Diving Malta crew and St. John’s Rescue Corps were also escorting Sean McGahern.

From Facebook by Sean Mcgahern

The weather was not that good just hours before the dive but Sean McGahern and his teammates didn’t frustrate and got the title of  Longest Warm Water Scuba Dive!  McGahern has eaten something, drunk water and even slept on the seabed. He also cleared the debris underwater and these have been collected by his teammates. This is possibly for keeping busy during almost 50 hours.

Sean McGahern also has few visitors while he was underwater. Some of them were his sponsors, trying to encourage him to go on, one of his fellow coleagues and Gary Dallas, famous sidemount diving instructor.

Saturday morning, Sean McGahern got out of the water as a world record holder. He was very tired, but of course very happy at the same time. He has been taken to the hospital for a check up then the celebrations have begun.

You can watch the video of this record below. Congratulations Sean McGahern! 

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