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August 21, 2015

7 Reasons You Need To Try Diving

Oscar WaterworthThis post is submitted by Oscar Waterworth, a writer and a researcher from Sydney, Australia. Oscar is publishing his article here as a Guest Blogger. I want to thank Oscar for this great post.

Vacation is a time when you visit new places and experiment with new things you have never tried before. This ranges from just visiting a new place to engaging into some of the most daring challenges of your life. There is however an activity that will allow you to do both of these things at the same time. This activity is diving and here are 7 reasons why it is a great idea for you to try it at least once in your life, as well as why your vacation might be a perfect place for you to start.


1- First Steps are not that Hard

If you always wanted to try this activity out yet never had the courage to do so, it was probably because in the eye of the observer it can seem as too difficult. This is however usually not the case. All that it takes to master this sport is a proper instruction and the right diving gear. After you have acquired all of this you are practically ready to go. Just remember to stay safe since it is still your first time. Experience and being careful are by far the two best safety precautions.

2- See the Real Ocean

A wise man once said that we know more about the space above us than about the ocean bottom. The strangest thing is the fact that this sentence is not exaggerated at all. However, this unfortunate state of things can offer you a unique opportunity to be one of the rare to embark on such an expedition. Life forms you can encounter during your diving sessions are unlike any you will have an opportunity to see anywhere else and seem more like something from a science fiction novel than anything else.


3- Taking Photos

As we have already mentioned, the things you see at the ocean floor you are highly unlikely to come across anywhere else, so if photography is your passion as well, why not combine it with diving? Take some photos of the amazing deep sea apparitions or even learn how to make a high quality photos underwater. The world is your oyster and the ocean is your playground!

4- Another Excuse to Visit New Places

Not like you need one, however it doesn’t hurt. Make your vacations themed and visit different diving locations all across the world. This will also allow you to always hang out with people of similar interests on your journeys. Before going on a holiday, check the local diving conditions. This will allow you discover many new places you would have probably never have visited otherwise yet which have amazing reviews. Many divers for example agree that diving in Koh Lipe one of the best experiences this sport can offer.


5- Add Some Adrenaline

What you need to do here is try to further enhance your vacation by adding some excitement to it. Just being in an atmosphere that is completely different from what you are used to is sometimes enough to raise your adrenaline levels. Vacation should always be about meeting the new and unfamiliar environment and this diving session is for you as obscure as it gets.

6- A Feeling Like No Other

As we already made a parallel between diving and going to space, there is nothing bad about repeating such metaphor. First of all, physical conditions while diving are completely different from what you are used to. Gravity affects your body differently, you need a special suit to protect you from what’s outside and everything around you is unknown as far as your eye can see. The greatest difference is that not everyone can experience going on a space mission yet diving is something that is quite available to virtually anyone.


7- Being One With the Nature

In a way, diving allows you to be one with a nature as you have never been before. First of all, your diving sessions are in no way restricted. Underwater, you can go wherever you want and do whatever you like. You can admire underwater corals and other sea treasures of just swim with the fishes. Underwater meditation, as a way of taking a break while diving, is in no way unorthodox in this sport.

There are a lot more reasons why you should try diving, far more reasons than any list can ever hope to contain. The only way to find all, or just most of them, is to try diving. When thinking about this from this perspective, there are so many reasons why you should do it and not a single one to let this opportunity slide.



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    Thanks for sharing those information! I think it’s great to experience scuba diving. It will allow me to discover the hidden beauty of the underwater. Of course we need to seek the guidance of the professionals to avoid unnecessary circumstances.

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