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August 19, 2013

A Diver Fell on Me?

I’ll tell you an extreme dive accident story today. We have all heard about different kind of dive accidents but I am sure you haven’t heard such a dive accident story like this one. I want to tell you this story because I want all the divers on the world to take a lesson and become more careful in such a position. I advise you to read this article carefully and imagine yourself in such a condition. I am waiting for your comments at the end.

It was a normal dive day and we were six divers on our dive speedboat. The weather was hot, I was even wearing a shorty for a dive that’s going to be held in 30+ meters. Our scuba tanks were lying on the speedboat floor and we were sitting on both tubes (two long inflated sides of the speedboat). I have given the briefing before the dive. A couple f minutes later, we were on the dive point. I didn’t equip my scuba like I always do and jumped into the sea backwards (you cannot make a giant step from an inflated speedboat). I gave my ok signal to the boatman and asked for my scuba to equip on the surface. The boatman told the remaining divers on the speedboat not to jump into the sea and wait for his go. He reached to my scuba for me and I was waiting on the surface.

I felt a sudden pain on my head and experienced a blackout… What the hell was happened?!?! Before I went unconscious, for a couple of seconds, I realized that a diver ready to jump into the sea didn’t wait for the boatman’s signal and jumped on me and her scuba tank has hit my head! Yes.. I diver fell on me..

I wasn’t conscious but my girlfriend and colleagues told me the following story. The boatman has jumped into the water when he has seen me that I am not able to raise my head to breath (Burak Duyurur, thanks man). Than one diver has taken off his scuba unit and climbed to the speedboat to pull me inside. Boatman left a buoy for the divers to hold and speeded up to the shore! He called to the diver center he was headed and told them that I am unconscious. Dive center has called the medical service and waited for the speedboat to arrive. Within a couple of minutes, both the speedboat I was in and the ambulance have arrived to the shore. I was carried to the ambulance with a stretcher and headed to the cottage hospital in the town.

When I regained my consciousness, I was looking at the hospital lamp with a awful head pain. A serum was attached to me (transfused). I was lucky that I have survived. For a couple of hours, I stayed in the hospital. The doctor told me to go to my room in my dive center and come back if I feel dizzy and nausea. I asked for a painkiller but doctor refused. That was logical. He wanted me to stay stable. The painkiller he offered me might have made me dizzy and such. But we wouldn’t be sure weather the painkiller has caused this or my trauma?!?!

For the first night, I have waken up in every two hours. This is important in head traumas. Somebody should be sure that you are okay for a couple of times during your sleep. I didn’t experience any of the signs doctor told me so I didn’t go to the hospital again.

But a couple of days later, I went to my city for a tomography in a bigger hospital. The results weren’t that good but neither that bad. I don’t have a huge damage in/on my head. But some muscles surrounding my neck has been bruised. Doctor told me not to dive for a couple of weeks. He says that these muscles will cover themselves but I have to stay without any activity that would force my neck. That was close, but I was lucky.

The dive center is now more sensitive in boat briefings. All the divers jumping into the sea backwards should be careful and be sure that the area they will fall is clear. They should ask their buddies/boatman (if available) if the area is clear. And the divers who has already jumped into the sea shouldn’t stay close to the speedboat. Diver feel (!) on my head has jumped after only a couple of seconds after me. Maybe I should have warned the divers after I jumped saying “I am on the surface!!” Have you ever lived such a dive accident or heard about it? Do you guys have any suggestions? I want to see them in the comments.

Have good dives all!

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