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June 19, 2013

Let’s Stop This “Animals Keychain” Cruelty

Do you know that baby pets in small plastic baggies are sold like crazy in China? Little turtles, kingfish and lizards… Just because these small animals are cute, people are choosing to buy them as a gift or for themselves to cheer up. Called “animals keychain“, this cruelty is expanding even while you are reading this.  It is cheap, it is cute and it is inhumanity!

Animals Keychain Is Bizarre

Sellers of the animals keychain is mostly located in Beijing. You can especially see these sellers on subway stations. They sell these animals keychain for 1.5$ on average. It is told that the colorful liquid inside the baggy is full of nutrients and “crystallized oxygen“.  When people ask the sellers for “what to do after the animal dies in these baggies“, they say that the dead animal can be heated in microwave for a couple of seconds and then be eaten. Nothing is wasted, huh? has asked about the “future” of the animals in these baggies to David Neale, “animal welfare director of Animals Asia“.  Neale has given the answer as follows:

“Lack of food and diminishing oxygen concentrations within both the water and the small amount of air in these plastic pouches will cause the animals to die in a relatively short period of time after the pouches are sealed”

Let Me Give You an Example


I have two red ear sliders (turtles in these baggies). They are 11 years old. They live in a 1.5 meters long terrarium*. I use heater for stabilizing the water temperature and 24/7 working filter to clean their water. They are not “dwarf turtles“. One of my turtles are 33 cm and the other is 28cm. They live for 20 years on average. And because I am thinking that they are not even happy under these conditions, I am in contact with the Izmir Wild Life Center to release them to their artificial habitat at least.

Do you think the same turtles in these animals keychain can live for 20 years and grow up to 33 cm? No! They will die in a couple of days.

On the other hand, these turtles contain a bacteria called salmonella, which is very unhealthy especially for kids and older people. This bacteria can be contaminated just by touching this turtle.

What to Do?

Here are some tips you can do to help.

Don’t Buy Animals Keychain

There are some people who want to help these animals by buying and setting them free. This is a favorable but uneducated attitude. If you buy one, the seller will replace it with a new one. You only encourage spreading this bloody commerce. Simply, DON’T BUY these animals keychains for no reason!

Share the Knowledge

You can share this article as much as you can on social media, via e-mail and etc. to make people learn about this. By only this way, we can have a community and move forward to stop this! You simply can use the floating bar on your left to share this on social media or/and copy and paste this link in your web browser to write an e-mail to your friends list.

Sign the Petition

You can sign the petition about animals keychain. The number is increasing since the opening. Right now, there are 146.416 signs on this petition and the aim is to reach 1.000.000 signs.


I want to see these animals in a lake or river dive. Running, swimming, sliding… And I want to take snapshots from my camera. I want to see them alive! Not in baggies to show my love (!) to my girlfriend.

*Terrarium for turtles is an environment for pet reptiles that 
contains both dry areas and water. Designed for amphibians.

Please share and some people will hear our voice.



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