Aquarius Underwater Lab Rescued!

Aquarius, an underwater lab located in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is dedicated to scientific research underwater since 1986. Scientists were living in Aquarius (also called Aquanauts) at 20 meters of depth including Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Mission of Aquarius was to research mostly about coral reef.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has cut funds in September 2012. Aquarius was not going to be able to continue its unique research about the ocean life. People, who were supporting Aquarius have made campaigns against the closure of this beautiful underwater lab.

But the importance of the Aquarius has been re-recognized and Florida International University has been awarded a grant to make the Aquarius go on with the underwater research. This great news has been made ocean lovers and scientists very happy and motivated some people for further research like Fabien Cousteau.

Who Is Fabien Cousteau?

Fabien Cousteau is the grandson of Jacques-Yves Cousteau and son of Jean-Michel Cousteau. He is a filmmaker and underwater explorer. He was born in 2 October 1967. Grandson Cousteau is going to live 31 days underwater in Aquarius.

Mission 31

50 years ago on 1st of October, Jacques-Yves Cousteau was lived underwater with underwater explorers in Red Sea in Conshelf II mission. This was the first attempt to live and work underwater in such a long period of time. Right after Conshelf II mission, Jacques-Yves Cousteau shot an Academy Award winner documentary called “World Without Sun”.

And in 1st of October 2013, Fabien Cousteau is going to live and work underwater with 3 marine biologists in Aquarius for 31 days, one more full day than his grandfather. Fabien Cousteau will primarily focus on climate change on coral reefs.

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