Best Breathing Technique While Scuba Diving

Breathing underwater requires a slightly different technique compared to how we normally breathe. The most common mistake of scuba diving is breathing normally as if you’re on land. If you inhale like you are doing now, when you’re underwater it’ll tire you out quicker as well as consume air faster. This is the breathing technique … Read more Best Breathing Technique While Scuba Diving

Şahika Ercümen

Birthday Birthplace Occupation Education January 16th, 1985 Çanakkale, Turkey Dietician and word record holder free-diver Gazi Primary School Milli Piyango Anatolian High School Başkent University Faculty of Health Sciences World Records 11/11/2011 – DYN 110m (360 ft) Lake Weissensee, Austria 10/10/2011 – CWT 70m (230 ft) Dahab, Egypt 10/10/2011 – VNF 60m (200 ft) Dahab, … Read more Şahika Ercümen