Five Ways to Conserve Air While Scuba Diving

Guest Post written by Austin Jacob

Air preservation is a topic that’s completely ignored by scuba diving beginners as there are so many other things for them to focus on. After learning the basics, it’s extremely important for divers to learn proper air preservation technique so they’re able to get the most out of their dives.

Tip #1 – Get Proper Fins

Having fins that are comfortable yet efficient is vital to saving energy when diving. By using the correct fins, you’ll get the most force out of your thrusts allowing you to dive for a longer period of time. I’d recommend trying out a few different fins and then make a purchase when you find ones that work well for you. Read this guide to learn more about some of the top scuba diving fins out there.

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GoPro Hero 7 Black Edition for a Scuba Diver

The new edition of GoPro; GoPro Hero 7 Black Edition surely has couple of pros and cons for a regular action-cam users. 

But the review below is NOT for just a regular “on-land” fellow. 

This GoPro Hero 7 review is written for scuba divers like me and the followers of this old blog, who love to capture beautiful photos and videos underwater. 


  1. GoPro Hero 6 Vs. Hero 7 (in terms of their tech specs)
  2. Pros of GoPro Hero 7  for a Scuba Diver 
  3. Cons of GoPro Hero 7 for a Scuba Diver
  4. What Seaman Says
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GoPro Hero 6 Underwater Performance

Hello everyone 

Welcome to, today I will be talking about the underwater performance of the GoPro Hero 6 as well as the accessories I use for my underwater videos. 

GoPro Hero 6 Underwater PerformanceOkay, first of all, we should understand that GoPro is an action-cam; what you expect has to be great underwater photos and videos, no doubt for that but you need more than just your GoPro. Unlike the DSLRs that have multiple lens, flash, strobe and etc to choose from, GoPro accessories that really help you in your underwater adventures are unfortunately limited. Don’t care about how much result is displayed on Google when you type “Gopro underwater accessories,” majority of them are useless. 

You will need a couple of accessories I will be sharing with you along with your GoPro Hero 6 to be able to shoot videos like a professional. The name it self is Go Pro and at the end of this post, you will learn what you actually need to shoot like a professional underwater videographer! 

Ok, after this briefing, we can go into details. 

First of all, I want to share you guys what accessories I use with my GoPro Hero 6 while shooting videos underwater.

Accessories I Use For my Underwater Videos along with my GoPro Hero 6

Below is the list of accessories I always use in my dives.

Whether I take a video of one of my dive students in their training dive or a giant grouper swimming around me, I use these regardless of the depth. These are only the essentials, the list can be expanded for sure, but these are the ones I personally use and taking great videos underwater. You will not need much more than these as I have experienced.

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Scuba Diving Insurance

Scuba diving is fun. 

On the other hand, scuba diving involves some risks like every sports do, especially when it comes to outdoor sports. 

Scuba Diving InsuranceScuba divers and dive centers must be conscious in order not to regret if something goes all wrong during a scuba dive training/pleasure dive. 

As for the scuba divers, we all travel to dive in different parts of the world.

To be able to feel comfortable and be on the safe side, we better have a dive accident and dive travel insurance. 

As you see, there are different types of scuba diving insurance. 

Let’s take a look at them closely and see what each one covers below. 

Generally, scuba diving insurance is divided into three categories: [Read more…]

How Deep Can a GoPro Go?

Whether you are a scuba diver, a snorkeler or a regular swimmer, you want to know the maximum depth a GoPro can go. 

As a scuba diver myself, I use my GoPros to be able to shoot wrecks and giant groupers in my dives. 

The absolute maximum depth for recreational scuba diving is 131 feet / 40 meters

Thus, my underwater camera should be able to shoot videos at this depth. 

Thankfully, GoPro action cams are not only splash proof, but also water proof. But what are the limits, right? 

Caution: Do NOT exceed the recreational dive limits even though you are using a GoPro dive housing that is capable of go deeper.

What is the Depth Limit of a GoPro?

Being able to reply this question is not that easy. 

There are versions of GoPros and their waterproof depth limits are different. 

Let me share these limits with you below with a simple table:  [Read more…]

Ken Stewart is Now a Scuba Diving Hero

A veteran diver who was searching for a test, Ken Stewart was pulled in to the thoroughness and train of consolidating plunging and oceanic prehistoric studies. His change drove him to the establishing of Plunging With a Reason, which educates qualified jumpers the nuts and bolts of sea archaic exploration, with an exceptional spotlight on investigating the sea heritage of the African slave exchange. DWP has committed incalculable volunteer hours to ventures for NOAA, the National Stop Administration and the Smithsonian, and has made incorporation of adolescent and youthful grown-up jumpers an exceptional concentration, encouraging comprehension of our mutual national legacy and what its submerged remains can show us.

Photo credit:

How did Diving with a Purpose come to fruition?

Diving With a Purpose began in 2003 through an organization between the National Stop Administration and individuals from the National Relationship of Dark Scuba Jumpers. In 2003, Karuna Eberl, maker of a narrative called The Guerrero Venture [which reports the scan for the slave dispatch Guerrero, lost in the Biscayne National Stop zone in 1827], reached me. Around then, I was the southern local rep for Catches; she inquired as to whether I knew any dark jumpers she could meet for her narrative, and I place her in contact with a few Captures individuals. The star of the film was a young woman named Brenda Lanzendorf, the recreation center paleontologist at Biscayne National Stop. A couple of months after the fact I went down to Biscayne and presented myself; Brenda and I had a long and productive discussion. The exact opposite thing she said to me before I exited was, “There are numerous disaster areas in the recreation center, and being the solitary jumper, I require some assistance,” on the grounds that as a scuba jumper, you ought to never plunge alone. I went home and pondered it, and I conveyed an email to my jump list, “Tired of A similar Old Plunging? We should Jump With a Reason.” And DWP was conceived. [Read more…]

12 Boys and Their Coach Rescued from Cave in Thailand

It has been affirmed that every one of the 12 young men and their soccer mentor have been protected from profound inside the Tham Luang Cave arrange in northern Thailand. The emotional save comes after the young men and their mentor spent over two weeks being caught in the surrender framework, 2 1/2 miles from the passageway. Thai Navy SEALs, save scuba jumpers from around the globe, nearby volunteers, an Australian specialist and medicinal groups, and innumerable others can be credited for the fruitful surrender protect mission.

Photo credit:

On Sunday, July 8, the initial four young men were brought out of the give in. On Monday, July 9, an extra four young men were extricated from the buckle, and on Tuesday, July 10, the rest of the young men and their mentor were conveyed to security. The whole group and mentor are as of now accepting therapeutic consideration in an adjacent healing center.

With any give in protect, there are hazards because of the nearness of an overhead situation. The save group jumpers explored dim, overflowed burrows for up to six hours to come to the caught young men and mentor. The arrival outing to the passage took up to 5 hours. Specialists cautioned of potential perils — including hazardous snags inside the surrender, diminishing oxygen levels and rainstorm rains that undermined to compound the flooding inside the buckle — however regardless of the considerable number of difficulties, the young men and their mentor were safeguarded. Unfortunately, Saman Kunan, a previous Thai Navy SEAL who had come back to help with the safeguard activity, kicked the bucket on Friday, July 6, amid a mission to put tanks of packed air inside the buckle.

This story has spellbound worldwide media, and today, the world can praise that every one of the 12 young men and their mentor have been saved.

Which SD Card to Use For GoPro ?

One of the disadvantages of a GoPro action cam is the lack of a built-in memory. 

We order our GoPro, waiting for it to be shipped. 

I know how exciting it is to hold your first GoPro in your hands you always dreamed. 

You push the button to turn it on. 

But WTH?

It gives an error that doesn’t let you to take a photo / record a video just even for a test shot. 

Your GoPro tells you that you need an SD-Card. 

At this point, what you should know is that NOT every SD-Card is working properly with our Go-Pros. 

After trying couple of SD-Cards that didn’t really work with my own GoPros, I decided to help you with this to help you have a joyful GoPro experience. 

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GoPro Diving Light Suggestion

I am writing GoPro reviews since 2014.

Since I am a scuba diver, I generally try to help readers about the underwater performance of each GoPro as much as I can.

On the land, we always have daylight during the day.

When it is rainy and/or cloudy, we use some lights to illuminate the object we are focused.

Generally speaking, when it is sunny and we are in an open environment, we don’t have to use a light.

However, this is not as simple as this (not talking about the pro shots, for sure) underwater.

Why We Need a Diving Light Underwater?

When you are at 10 meters, there is no more red color.

At 20 meters, there is no more orange.

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Underwater Camera or Action Cam?

Scuba divers only had underwater cameras with housings and o-rings back in 90’s. 


The only discussion was about the brand; we were asking our friends which underwater camera to purchase…

It was already hard to choose eventhough there weren’t hundreds of options we had at those times. 

Now, our decision making process is even more complicated. 

At the beginning of 2000’s, we met with GoPro and this changed everything. 

Before brands, now we have to decide which one should we buy: an underwater camera or an action cam?

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