Monday January 27 2020


Both in cold waters and pebbly beaches, we need protection. Just like we were told when we were children, we should keep our feet warm. In fact, even in summer, dive boots protect us from hot sand while entering and exiting the water from the shore.

There are various types of dive boots. Hard base, soft base, laced, ankle covered – uncovered and goes on.

Dive socks are also present for divers. It is thinner and more flexible with respect to dive boots. Dive socks can be used in warmer waters.

Don’t forget that a diver can only wear a dive boot with a open-heel fin. Dive socks can be used with closed-heel fins because of its flexible and thin structure.

Here are some of tips for buying a dive boot:

  • Select a hard base boot for maximum protection
  • Prefer the ones with zippers instead of sticky ones because zippers are more durable.
  • Your toe should be touching the dive boot’s inner front, but not twisted.
  • A good surrounding of the feet is essential for effective fin kicks.

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