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January 12, 2016

Best Underwater Cameras of 2015 Voted

Hello all DiveWithSeaman.com fans,

In December 2014, we voted the “Best Underwater Camera of 2015.

A total of 6.742 DiveWithSeaman.com readers have voted in this valuable contest.

The question was:

Which underwater camera/action cam was your favorite in 2015?

Of course this is a general question, we didn’t define any parameters, but what I am thinking is that the results will give us an idea, though.

Nobody would say “Hey! This one is my favorite” for any camera that has known handicaps.

I want to thank every Dive With Seaman reader who voted for this contest.

Okay, I don’t want to make you wait :))

Here is the list of Best Underwater Cameras of 2015 according to 6.742 readers just like you.

Number 5

Olympus E-M1 with Underwater Housing

Olympus E-M1








If you don’t wHousing for Olympus E-M1ant to deal with an SLR underwater camera but still want to take high quality photos, then Olympus E-M1 is for you.

I, personally agree with DiveWithSeaman.com readers.

E-M1 definitely deserves to be in top 5 list of best underwater cameras in 2015.

You can click here for more information about Olympus E-M1 from Amazon.com

Number 4

Sony DSC RX 100M III

Sony DSC-RX 100M





Ikelite RX100 III Housing




Underwater photography without Sony?

Of course not.

Sony DSC-RX 100M is already a well-known camera not only for underwater photographe

rs and videographers, but for the whole photography world.

A compact camera, but still can take sharp and quality photos and videos that make photography pros jealous.

You can click here for more information about Sony DSC-RX 100M III from Amazon.com

Number 3

Olympus TG-4

Olympus TG-4









Another Olympus camera takes place in our best underwater cameras of 2015 list.Olympus TG-4 Housing

The name “TG” comes from the word “Tough.

In fact, Olympus TG-4 IS tough.

It is crush proof, splash proof, freeze proof, shock proof and even dust proof!

Durable, isn’t it?

You can take an Olympus TG-4 with you while snorkelling, but don’t forget to use PT-056 housing (photo above) if you want to go deeper!

You can click here for more information about Olympus TG-4 from Amazon.com

Number 2

SeaLife Micro HD


When SeaLife Micro HD announced, I was excited.

I first saw it in a video. Nadia Aly (scubadiverlife.com) was holding a SeaLife Micro HD in one of her hands and telling the features of it.

World’s first fully-sealed underwater camera. No housing, no o-rings, no bearings!

I wrote a detailed review about SeaLife Micro HD. You can read it here.

You can click here for more information about SeaLife Micro HD from Amazon.com


Now, here comes the champ!

Here is the camera that DiveWithSeaman.com readers have selected as their favorite!

3.523 out of 6.472 votes determined the champion.

%45 of the voters gave us the name of the Best Underwater Camera of 2015!

Number 1

GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition

goprohero4This action cam made a revolution not only in its segment, but in all video industry.

4K of resolution?

Such a small size?

Think about the very first underwater photographers in 50s…

If we were able to tell those veteran u/w photographers that there will be this small cameras that take 4K resolution videos, they would have laughed at us.

I was one of the guys who wrote a review of GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition. You can read it here.

You can click here for more information about GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition from Amazon.com

Hope to see you when the same contest is over in 2016.

Have good dives and let the light be with you.

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