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September 26, 2013

Burning Calories While Scuba Diving

This year, scuba has become a new trend in some fields. Making a dress by using neoprene was one of topics I have mentioned before (click here for that article). Scuba not only became a trend in fashion, but also in “burning calories“. Celebrities like Jessica Alba and Sandra Bullock are scuba divers. Scuba diving seems to be a good activity rather than a fat-burner sport, however it does help burning calories. 

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Under the water, what scuba divers love is the “weightlessness“. It is one of the reasons most people dive for (read Why Scuba article here). However, although it seems like you are not really pushing yourself because of this “weightlessness“, you do burn calories. That’s because it is in fact hard to move in water. In scuba diving you are both working for strength and stamina (cardio).

You are kicking your fins and trying to pull yourself forward, which forces you for some cardio. Especially if you are fighting against a current, you work hard for it! A scuba diver also works out due to the weight of the equipment. Remember yourself carrying a scuba tank, holding from the tank valve. I know some divers (okay, also including me) who are actually working out in dive centers after their dive day. Not only the tank, for sure. You are carrying like 30 kgs at least on your back. We know that Archimedes saves us when we are in/on the water but we do carry those weights on the land on the way to the water.

On famous health and weight loss web-site,  Jennipher Walters (CEO and co-founder of the websites and writes:

In fact, just 30 minutes of scuba diving can burn up to 400 calories for the average woman. Most diving excursions last about 30 to 45 minutes, so depending on the diver’s experience level and the type of dive, it’s not uncommon to burn 500+ calories during one workout.

When I was talking about this in one of my Open Water Diver classes, a female student has asked me:

“You are not even sweating underwater. How it can help us burning calories?”

Well, we are sweating underwater. But we only don’t feel it because of the water between our body and the neoprene suit.

To be able to lose weight by burning calories while scuba diving, a regular diving programme is needed. When I work in a dive center, I dive everyday and lose a certain amount of weight. I know that not everybody can dive everyday, but at least do it in a regular way. Once in a week, three times a month… You’ll see the difference in the long run.

You can also read Burning Calories While Scuba Diving II, a theorical approach for this topic, written by Eduardo Quintana Miranda, Nuclear Physicist at the Cienfuegos University (Cuba)

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