Burning Calories While Scuba Diving II

Eduardo Quintana MirandaThis is a guest post from Eduardo Quintana MirandaNuclear Physicist at the Cienfuegos University (Cuba). Eduardo sent me an e-mail right after I have published my “Burning Calories While Scuba Diving” article. He added some notes for me about this topic in an academic way and I have asked him to publish his notes here. I am sharing the e-mail that Eduardo sent me without editing. Eduardo, thank you for your valuable contribution.  [Read more…]

Burning Calories While Scuba Diving

This year, scuba has become a new trend in some fields. Making a dress by using neoprene was one of topics I have mentioned before (click here for that article). Scuba not only became a trend in fashion, but also in “burning calories“. Celebrities like Jessica Alba and Sandra Bullock are scuba divers. Scuba diving seems to be a good activity rather than a fat-burner sport, however it does help burning calories.  [Read more…]

Scuba in Fashion: Neoprene Dress!

Cut a square from your wet-suit after your last dive this weekend. Then cut another piece of square and sew those two up! You have a neoprene skirt. Then take your rash guard and sew it attached to your new skirt. There you go! You now have a trendy neoprene dress! You can wear it at home, in your office, at school or at dinner with your boyfriend. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t. Okay, hear this. [Read more…]

Can I Dive Without Scuba Certification?

Diving without a scuba certification is an issue being talked about a lot. Some people think that scuba diving is just like swimming in a pool. You can jump into a pool, learn the basics from someone who knows to swim and then improve yourself by exercising. What is missing here is that scuba is an “equipment based” sport and requires technical detailed knowledge. Second, scuba diving makes you breath underwater, causing some potential risks that has to be learnt. Last but not least, you should master some skills to dive in safe. Let’s go on with more detail to answer this question. [Read more…]

A Diver Fell on Me?

I’ll tell you an extreme dive accident story today. We have all heard about different kind of dive accidents but I am sure you haven’t heard such a dive accident story like this one. I want to tell you this story because I want all the divers on the world to take a lesson and become more careful in such a position. I advise you to read this article carefully and imagine yourself in such a condition. I am waiting for your comments at the end. [Read more…]

Google Underwater Search

Today, I was searching the Internet for an underwater camera but found out an interesting topic: Google Underwater Search. I first thought it is something like Google Earth showing the oceans. But understood that Google Underwater Search is something different. It is more like Google Gravity. [Read more…]

Underwater Ruins in Japan: Who Built Them?

A man-face carved stone, giant steps, perfectly cut platforms and stadium-like structure… We all know this kind of ancient ruins from civilizations like the great Maya. Pyramids in Egypt are another example. Scientists haven’t been able to find out how these structures have been built yet. How people were able to cut those heavy stones perfectly and carry them from one place to another, thousands years ago? Was somebody helping those people? What if I tell you that there are even stranger shapes under the water? [Read more…]

Underwater Hotels: Wine & Dine Under the Sea

I have always been a fan of Aquarius; the underwater search lab in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (you can read my article about Aquarius u/w lab here: Aquarius Underwater Lab Rescued!). But I know that I have to be a scientist, an oceanographer or etc to be able to live and work in Aquarius. But unfortunately, I am not. So I have searched a little bit for alternatives that people can live underwater regardless of their occupation. In my article today, I will introduce you the impossible beauty and mystery of the underwater hotels.

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Why Do We Spit Into Our Dive Masks?

Last Sunday, I was preparing one of my dive students for try scuba diving program. In my briefing, I told her about everything she is going to need underwater, with “do”s and “don’t”s like I did hundreds of times in my dive career. We were almost ready to go. Lastly, I have wanted her to spit into her dive mask in order to prevent the fog during the dive. She asked: “Why?” I repeated my last sentence: “to prevent the fog during the dive, take it as a pre-caution” I then realized that this wasn’t the question. She said “I didn’t mean it. How can spitting into a dive mask can prevent fog, what is happening there?”

Although there are some commercial “mask defoggers” being sold, we are generally using our own spit to get rid of fogging. Thousands of divers around the world is doing the very same thing before each dive. We spit into our dive masks, rub the lenses and the silicone parts with it and rinse our masks with the sea water. But how many of us know the answer of this question that my try scuba diver candidate has asked? [Read more…]

Sex Underwater

Before starting to talk about sex underwater, I want to ask you a simple question. How many scuba divers you think are there on the world? Thousands? Millions? Billions? Make a guess. When I have planned writing about sex underwater, I have estimated that there should be 8 billion people living on the world. And if 1/1000 people are diving, then it makes 8.000.000 divers on the earth! But when I started to search, I have realized that I was wrong.

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