Free Dive World Records From Turkey

Last Thursday, Derya Can (Turkish Free Diving National Team) dove to 71 meters in Variable Weight Without Fins category. Can only used a reference line without even using a fin for ascend. This world record was owned by another Turkish athlete Şahika Ercümen with 61 meters.


Today, Derya Can had another world record attempt in the morning. Again with 71 meters, Can now owns the deepest Constant Weight Without Fins title.

Both dives made in Kaş, Antalya, TURKEY. Derya Can dedicated her records* to Turkish Republic’s 90th anniversary.

*CMAS recognized world records

A Sabre-Toothed Whale This Time?

Last week, a Giant Oarfish was found in California, USA. This time, a Sabre-Toothed Whale (Mesoplodon stejnegeri) beached in Venice Beach. Citizens of Venice Beach saw this extremely rare whale species on Tuesday night. Also called the Stejneger’s Beaked Whale, this species normally lives in the Bering Sea.

Source: Heal the Bay FaceBook page

Source: Heal the Bay FaceBook page

Heal the Bay, a non-profit environment organization wrote on their FaceBook page:

The Stejneger’s Beaked Whale is a Northern species that frequents our coast but is predominantly found in the waters of Alaska. It is VERY rare and almost never seen alive.

The dots on the Sabre-Toothed Whale is thought to be the shark bites. This second sea giant really surprised the citizens living in California.

5.5 Meter (18 Feet) Giant Oarfish Found Dead

Giant oarfish found couple of meters off the shore surprised the passers by. On the shore of Santa Catalina Island, California, USA, a family was hiking when they saw this 5.5 meters (18 Feet) giant oarfish dead.  Sixteen volunteers were able to carry this oarfish to the beach and lifted it for this snapshot. [Read more…]

Sleeping Maya Revealed

“Image courtesy of Victor Habbick /”

Cenote Sac Uayum is a sinkhole located at Yucatan, Mexico. Last summer, some dives were made in this sinkhole as part of Mayapán Taboo Cenote Project. Those dives were really informative and helped us to know a little bit more about the Maya. Some skeletons and artifacts were recorded. This first part of the project took place by the help of divers, but the dive spots were confined to the surface. However, caves and deep sinkholes are much more important for being able to know much more about this culture. [Read more…]

50 Hours Underwater: New World Record!

On 5th of October, World Record Diving Malta got the title with Sean McGahern. McGahern has stayed underwater in St.George’s Bay, Malta for 49 hours and 56 minutes last weekend. World Record Diving Malta crew and St. John’s Rescue Corps were also escorting Sean McGahern.

From Facebook by Sean Mcgahern

The weather was not that good just hours before the dive but Sean McGahern and his teammates didn’t frustrate and got the title of  Longest Warm Water Scuba Dive!  McGahern has eaten something, drunk water and even slept on the seabed. He also cleared the debris underwater and these have been collected by his teammates. This is possibly for keeping busy during almost 50 hours.

Sean McGahern also has few visitors while he was underwater. Some of them were his sponsors, trying to encourage him to go on, one of his fellow coleagues and Gary Dallas, famous sidemount diving instructor.

Saturday morning, Sean McGahern got out of the water as a world record holder. He was very tired, but of course very happy at the same time. He has been taken to the hospital for a check up then the celebrations have begun.

You can watch the video of this record below. Congratulations Sean McGahern! 

World’s Largest Turtle Found In Amazon

World's Largest Turtle Found World’s biggest and oldest turtle has been captured!  This giant turtle is almost 530 years old. It lives in Amazon base and weighs 362,87 kg (800 pounds). It is a lot longer than the car you see in the photo and its nails can dig toughest rocky territories. People have been warned by the police not to get too close even for taking a photo! [Read more…]

Scuba in Fashion: Neoprene Dress!

Cut a square from your wet-suit after your last dive this weekend. Then cut another piece of square and sew those two up! You have a neoprene skirt. Then take your rash guard and sew it attached to your new skirt. There you go! You now have a trendy neoprene dress! You can wear it at home, in your office, at school or at dinner with your boyfriend. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t. Okay, hear this. [Read more…]

Free Underwater Wallpapers!

This was one of the projects that I have always wanted to do since the birth of Nowadays, is celebrating its 6th monthsary. I wanted to give a small gift to the readers of this blog. I want to thank my dive students and friends Sezen KOCABIYIK and Kerem YILMAZ for being such good underwater models for these wallpapers.

Simply, click on the wallpaper you like. A new tab will be opened and direct you to Hotfile web site, allowing you to download the wallpaper. I want to hear your comments below.

Enjoy it!


Aquarius Underwater Lab Rescued!

Aquarius, an underwater lab located in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is dedicated to scientific research underwater since 1986. Scientists were living in Aquarius (also called Aquanauts) at 20 meters of depth including Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Mission of Aquarius was to research mostly about coral reef. [Read more…]

Hans Hass Passed Away

Hans Hass. A life dedicated to underwater. An Austrian, trying to protect the seas and share valuable documentaries with the world. Couple of days ago, I have read on somewhere “Only the crazies who think they can change the world, will be the ones who will change it”. This is what I can clearly say about Professor Doctor Hans Hass.

Hans Hass was born in Vienna on 23 January 1919. He has deeply affected on a trip to Riviera when he was 18. He made some expeditions in Caribbean Sea and started to write articles about underwater. These events have made Hans Hass to leave his law education and started to zoology. [Read more…]