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March 25, 2013

Deepest Scuba Dive

Almost in every Open Water Diver course, one of my students ask:

What’s the maximum depth a scuba diver has ever been?

I want you to meet with these two guys. Nuno Gomes and Pascal Bernabé. These men have dived deeper than 300 meters, both in 2005 with a scuba unit. Ofcourse they have used Trimix (oxygen, nitrogen and helium).


Pascal Bernabé (born, 1942) is from France. He has dived to 330 meters (1083 ft) on 5 June 2005. The dive took place in Corsica. Corsica is a French island in Mediterranean. However, this dive is not the official deepest scuba dive on the world. The Guinness World Records didn’t approve Bernabé’s dive due to the lack of evidence. You can visit Bernabé’s web site here:

Pascal Bernabé

Bernabé Interview from X-Ray Magazine


5 days later, on 10 th of June 2005, a South African diver, Nuno Gomes (born, 1951) has also tried to make the deepest dive. This attemp was in Dahab, Red Sea. He has made a deep dive to 318.25 meters (1044 ft). The Guinness World Records have approved Gomes’ dive. Nuno Gomes has the official deepest scuba dive title for now.

A 6 min video of this dive:

Nuno Gomes has descended to this depth in 14 minutes. But the whole dive took 12 hours and 20 minutes.

There is also a documentary movie; “Beyond Blue: Mankind’s Deepest Dive“. The director of the movie is Elena Konstantinou.

You can visit Gomes’s web site here:

Nuno Gomes

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