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April 13, 2013

Desalinating the Sea Water

Imagine yourself on a dive boat, jumping to a very beutiful bright blue sea with your scuba unit. You’re descending slowly, fish everywhere… Colorful and impressing. You turn on your underwater camera and start to take snapshots and fall a little bit of behind from your buddy and group. After a couple of minutes, you turn your camera off and look around. But nobody is there!

You search for your buddy and group for a minute and surface as you have already learned in your scuba training, but they are even not on the surface. Sh*t ! You really think that you got lost and getting angry with your self not to follow the group. You are also angry with your buddy not to follow you either. Guess what? You also cannot find your dive boat!

You swim towards the island that seems to be close to you. After a tiring surface swim, you make it! You are on land, thinking that your dive boat or at the worst scenerio, the coast guard would definitely find you somehow.

But you have salt on you due to the sea water. And the sun is burning you. You take off your clothes and jump into the sea. It makes you even worse ? That’s because you are dehydrating (loosing water from your body which is critical in long term).

Cody Lundin has a TV show in Discovery Channel called Dual Survival. on 18th of March, Lundin has played this scenerio and has been able to desalinate (remove salt from the sea water and obtain fresh water) sea water in Pasific Ocean just by using his scuba.

He makes a great simpe system. Lundin uses his tank, BCD and alternate air source hose. Okay, I am being quiet and letting you watch the video below:

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