Monday January 27 2020


We tend to use our hands a lot not only in our daily life, but also during our dives. Touching is very unconditioned. Especially diving to a wreck or a reef requires attention due to the sharpness. Because our hands get really soft because of the water contact underwater, a cut possibility is higher.

If we add cold to that, I think it is really rational to wear a dive glove during your dives. Our hands are feet really get cold in a short period of time. If you are a non-diver, you also know it very well from the winter.

Our hands almost freeze when we try to build a snowman, right? Wearing a dive glove has the same logic.

Before I have started to dive years ago, I was asking myself “why divers wear gloves, they are already in water.” Then I realized that the gloves divers use made of neoprene just like their dive suits. By this way, there is no circulation in water between their hands and the neoprene glove. Water trapped is getting warmer by time by using the diver’s body heat.

I often use dive gloves in my dives. A small pebble, weight belt buckle or any hard object may harm my hands.

Here are some suggestions before buying a dive glove:

  • It shouldn’t be very tight that restricts your movements.
  • It should be of good quality for durability.
  • It would be better if it has grip on the palm of the hand.

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