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August 4, 2014

Dive Xtras Sierra Underwater Scooter (DPV) Review

Last week, I was preparing my scuba for the next dive.

I saw one guy holding an underwater scooter right in front of me. Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) has always got my attention.

  • See more beauty underwater in a limited time compared to non-dpv dives.
  • Experience the water hitting your mask slowly like a breeze
  • Explore more and more !

I have asked couple of questions to the DPV owner. He has seen how excited I am and told me that he is not feeling good that day for diving. “You can use it if you’d like to” he said.


I then learned that I was using a Dive Xtras Sierra Underwater Scooter.

After a great experience with this “toy,” I came back from diving and told the owner of DPV that I am a content creator and need a little bit more experience with his DPV to write a helpful review about Dive Xtras Sierra Underwater Scooter (DPV).

He said “of course.

I want to thank Frank for letting me use his Dive Xtras Sierra Underwater Scooter in 5 dives to be able to write this review.


General Info About Dive Xtras Sierra Underwater Scooter (DPV)

Also called Sierra Standard -Sierra STD-, this scooter is more likely for travelers.

That’s because Dive Xtras Underwater Scooter is quiet light that you can carry easily. Light weight is also good for travelers who prefer to use planes.

Dive Xtras Underwater Scooter is the lightest in Dive Xtras family.

This is a durable scooter. There are users (generally renters) who have been using their Sierra for more than 3.000 dives.

The frame is made of aluminum which helps to prevent corrosion.

There are 5 gears on this DPV. You can easily adjust your speed by single/double clicking the trigger on the scooter.

Integrated weighting system will help you adjust the buoyancy of the machine in salty/fresh water.

Sierra uses brushless motor instead of the brushed motors we get used to.

See the Video Below To See Dive Xtras Sierra In Action Underwater!!

Features of Dive Xtras Sierra Underwater Scooter

  • Brushless Motor is saving energy while running quietly
  • On the Fly Shift Gears will allow you to slow down with a single click and speed up with double click
  • D-Ring at the top of the DPV will help you while carrying it
  • Imperial units
  • 600 ft/180 mt depth rating
  • 37 lbs/17 kg weight
  • 182 ft/min or 55 mt/min of max speed rate
  • 1.4 miles/2.3 km of range at max speed
  • 39 min of run time at max speed
  • 1.9 miles/3.1 km of cruise range (150 ft/min 45 mt/min)
  • 65 min of duration at cruise speed
  • NiMh battery, 24 V
  • Nominal 13Ah 310Wh of battery capacity
  • 1 x 20 F Cells battery cells
  • 110/240 V battery charger
  • 4 hours of battery charging time

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Motor Technology Behind Dive Xtras Sierra Underwater Scooter

Brushless motor technology is used in Dive Xtras Sierra Underwater Scooter.

I am not a motor technology expert, so I decided to search a little bit about the differences between the old-school brushed motor and the brushless one.

Here are the differences. Brushless motors like the one in Sierra scooters:

  • work quiet
  • don’t require much maintenance due to the lack of brushes
  • have high efficiency
  • have high speed range
  • are smaller
  • have constant speed/torque ratio, meaning torque is well in every speed level for this product

You can take a look at for a detailed comparison about the brushed and brushless motors.

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Pros of Dive Xtras Sierra Underwater Scooter

Here are the pros of Sierra scooter based on my own experiences:

  • Very light with respect to other scooters, can be carried easily for beach dives and good for the ones who prefer to use air ways
  • Aluminum frame is good for eliminating the corrosion
  • Brushless motor technology helps to increase the efficiency
  • It is durable because there are examples of 3.000 dives made with it
  • Changing the speed is quiet simple with one trigger
  • Small enough to carry anywhere you’d like to
  • Has the power to tow a diver with two dive tanks and a stage tank

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Cons of Dive Xtras Sierra Underwater Scooter

Of course there are some cons as well. Here are some of them:

  • If you want to make a second dive with your DPV, you should own a second battery that results in more weight (5 kg) and cost
  • Handling can only be made with a single D-ring, there is no carry handle
  • There are 8 potential leaking points that we have to be careful (including the joints)
  • Brushless motor technology especially makes Sierra more expensive
  • Could have been faster and the battery would last longer

Customer Reviews from

Sierra Customer Reviews

What Does Seaman Say?

As a conclusion, I’d suggest this product for the ones who like to travel a lot for diving.

There are some faster scooters, too. But Dive X-tras Sierra is lighter and smaller which makes it a compact scooter. You can easily attach it to your BCD when you’d like to stop using it during your dives.

If you enjoying discovering the underwater world faster than you can do with your fins and consider yourself as a hard traveler, then this product is for you.

No rush, more fun. Still powerful.

Buy Dive Xtras Sierra Underwater Scooter From with Free Shipping (U.S. Only)

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