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May 20, 2013

First Touch With the Big Blue

Today, I want to introduce you with my fellow SSI scuba instructor: Baris SENDEMIR. He is an experienced scuba instructor and an underwater naturalist. Couple of weeks ago, Baris has told me about his very first scuba dive in his life. It has been a Try Scuba Diving Programme. Baris has also talked about his dive students and noted that his favorite scuba course that he loves to give is also Try Scuba Diving Programme.

I have wanted Baris to write an article about this programme and mix his first dive with the advises for my readers who’d like to try scuba one day. Baris has also mentions the feeling when you are diving with a literary expression. Have a good reading…


The phone was ringing so self-confident that there was no room for me to hide in my mind’s deep corners.

It was willing to take me down  and even transform my day to an insufferable misery. I know that this is the job that makes my living. But should this “survive on” be that devastating? Isn’t there any “me” inside of this mill called “life”?

First, I felt the coolness, a while, must be a dream or a mirage. But which one?

The dream was phone, or the coolness and lightness that I feel that I couldn’t name? Dream and reality has become indistinguishable.

Yes, from now on, I was decisively feeling the coolness and the blue, I was in water. My mind that I couldn’t break-off from its own reality tried to play a short game but no-dice…

Right now, I have surrendered my self to the blue seas and to my quality dive instructor who were helping me. First, of course I felt weird –possibly my mind’s flutter was because of this- tons of equipment that I haven’t seen. After a short chat, it was the beginning of a friendship and blue…

Of course my instructor knew what are we going to live underwater. But right now I know that my instructor hasn’t told me everything at all, maybe he couldn’t. Yet, the underwater, the blue… haven’t been something that could be told. Everything is so miraculous. “words fail me”.

Hello all,

Water, the main source of life, or for us, blue; the cradle of the life and the adventure is waiting for you. The ocean, seas, in a phrase, all the shades of blue is expecting you with expert personnel to take a break to the “struggle”, which we call life.

Try Scuba Diving?

Try Scuba Diving; The very first stage of the scuba diving is the first touch point between the “participant” and the mystic blue. Occasionally could be done with the snorkeling equipment, my advise is Try Scuba Diving activity for a real introduction.

Broadly, Try Scuba Diving begins with a briefing to the participant. It consists of scuba diving gear introduction, effects of the increasing pressure and brief information about the “walk” you are going to make underwater with your instructor/leader.

The participant wears the required equipment under the supervision of the instructor/leader and “drops” himself/herself to the water the mystery of the blue. From now on, the sea that thought to be already known will take on another dimension and embrace this scuba diver candidate. Obviously, the information shared on the land (briefing) like the increasing pressure will stand out. These information will concrete underwater and the dive is going to start.

The creatures that we are used to see on the stalls and the tables, that surprises us when we watch documentaries on the TV will show up with their real colors and excitements this time. Besides, they will be striving to make you happy, accepting you as a guest underwater.

Underwater world has a structure that is in perfect order but looks complicated. Each living creature reacts with the events and the other creatures. I cannot tell you more that you should see this carnival yourself.

Remarkable Points in Try Scuba Diving

The scuba diving Professional team should be experienced , master of their domains and self-confident. The equipment getting used should be in concert with the team and the location. Dive gear should be well-kept and the tanks should not be very rusty and the suits fragmented. There should be no fracture and/or stain on the mask you are offered to use.

The dive leader that you are going to start your adventure should have the quality to properly cite his/her experience to you. Of course there is no examination or inquiry that will be checked by you. But the “skilled in the job” dive professional will be noticed easily.

First Touch: Ready to Go !

The team is ready, the equipment is ready, you are even ready !

The location is also important of course; I advise you to start your scuba diving adventure on the shore. Even the Try Scuba Diving is applied from the scuba dive boats and power boats in different regions of the world, shores of our country (Turkey) will offer you satisfactory moments in your first scuba dive.

Your shore dive will both increase your inner comfort and will prove you how rich is the ecosystem/habitat in just near-by you.

Your dive leader will give the “dive is over, up!” after a certain time that I am sure you’ll feel very short. You’ll end up your dive but will drop a small piece from you underwater. A small piece of bubbles patting your cheeks, the underwater life that is fulling your view angle, touch of an octopus that you have seen on TV but couldn’t to believe, the coolness, the weightlessness, dismissing your mind, the time period you have built for yourself…

Yes, you are right. This “end” hurts, doesn’t it?

Yes, from now on you are a “water-human” and the life you are trying to survive on the land will only be meaningful underwater.

Welcome aboard,

Sincere regards,


Bluegate Divers (The language is only avaliable in Turkish on the following link)

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