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November 7, 2013

Go Pro Hero 3+ Review

I am sure you have seen close up videos of snowboarders sliding on a platform, motorcyclists making a flip flop after they jump from a ramp and scuba divers (yesss) splitting the water, swimming towards colorful fish on a coral reef. You assume that this video should be taken with a giant, shining camera that costs tens of thousands of dollars. Then you stop looking at the screen on the outdoor center’s shop window and go on walking.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? I know the situation and your feelings because I have also been there.

Already know Go Pro Hero 3+ but got questions in mind? Take a look at these answered questions here.

How I Met Go Pro

Last year, I saw Go Pro in a dive center while looking for a dive mask. But it didn’t catch my interest because it was very small that could never ever be able to record as quality videos as I want to. I didn’t give it a chance and didn’t even search for the underwater footage samples of it.

Go Pro exploded! Majority of my friends and dive students started to buy it. I was damn surprised when I somehow saw the underwater video recorded by Go Pro after a nice dive.

Holy sh*t!! It was so sharp, contrasted and the camera even modified itself to use the light in the most efficient way. Then I learned that I can also use a red filter and different type of lens for underwater videos. It was a Go Pro Hero 3 Black Edition. I bought it. Even wrote a review here in Dive With Seaman (read: Does GoPro Take High-Quality Photos Underwater?)

New Member: Go Pro Hero 3+

Nowadays, Go Pro its celebrating the youngest family member: Go Pro Hero 3+ ! Here are some features of this new little video giant:

  • 20% smaller and lighter compared to previous models
  • compatible with all previous mounts and accessories
  • 1440p48, 1080p60, 960p100 and 720p120 video mode (which still makes me surprised compared to its size)
  • 4Kp15 and 2.7Kp30 enable ultra high-resolution, cinema quality capture
  • 12MP photo capture up to 30 frames per second (which makes it great for fast scenes)
  • SuperView mode is on again! It gives you the chance for wide angle shots. A more chance to cover yourself in the frame, too
  • New Auto Low Light mode enables the camera to change the frame rates based on lighting conditions
  • reduced distortion will make you have clearer shots than ever
  • 33% increase in sharpness
  • with improved audio, wind-noise problem is reduced. By this way, you can have clearer noise record in fast activities
  • 30% longer battery life (very assertive for such kind of improvements, I haven’t personally tried it yet)
  • 4 times faster WiFi while sharing the photos/videos by using the Go Pro App
Don’t like to read? Watch the video below !

Of course this is a video taken and edited by professionals. Click here to see a Go Pro Hero 3+ amateur video shot and a  review from an owner in It is taken inside of an aquarium in low light so will give you an idea about the underwater shot of Go Pro Hero 3+.

What Seaman Says About Go Pro Hero 3+ ?

I comment Go Pro’s move as a necessity this time. There is not a huge technological difference between Go Pro Hero 3 and Go Pro Hero 3+. But Go Pro is a company that would love to create new products each season. Go Pro Hero 3 was a great breakthrough compared to Go Pro 2. Here are my opinions about Go Pro Hero 3+ purchase, if you are considering to:

  • If you own a Go Pro previous than Go Pro Hero 3, I advise you to purchase Go Pro Hero 3+
  • If you own a Go Pro Hero 3 (especially the black edition), I don’t see the value in another purchase.
  • If you don’t own any Go Pro products, it is now time to purchase one!

Black Edition or Silver Edition?

These two types of Go Pro Hero 3+ editions differ in its technical capacity. There is something like a 100$ of price difference. This is a common strategy used by majority of the companies to be able to address to different targets. I advise you to buy Go Pro Hero 3+ Black Edition, because the difference does worth 100$.

 Cons of Go Pro Hero 3+

There are some issues that GO Pro Hero 3+ can be improved. Go Pro Hero 3+ Without Housing

  • still gets very warm after a certain period of time (isn’t a big deal underwater)
  • image in the front (that you are trying to shoot) is sharp, but the background is blurry compared to Hero 3 Black Edition
  • menu controls are going on being complex. It is hard for someone who is unfamiliar with GoPro
  • battery life problem goes on. It MUST be longer; We use it in outdoor
  • wi-fi signal gets frequently lost when an iPad is used
Thankfully, Go Pro Hero 3+ has 30 day money back guarantee in case you would like to send it back.

Getting Started

To be able to have a better understanding and for more details, you can download the user manual below.

You can right click on the links below and choose the option “Save link as…” to download the pdf files. If you don’t have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it by clicking here.

Go Pro Hero 3+ Black Edition User Manual

Go Pro Hero 3+ Silver Edition User Manual 

If you are not familiar with Go Pro cameras, I advise you to watch Hero 3 “getting started video.

You can buy Go Pro Hero 3+ from with FREE SHIPPING !!

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  • craig
    2014-03-10 13:37


    I scuba dive on the ex-HMAS Brisbane off Mooloolaba Queensland Australia. My brother has a Go Pro Hero 2, and I have a Go Pro 3 Black Plus. Inside the shipwreck his footage is a lot lighter whereas mine is quite dark. He says from reading reviews the Hero 2 is better in low light situations.

    What do you think?

    • Seaman
      2014-03-17 11:34

      Hello there Craig,

      Thank you very much for your comment here.

      Well, GoPro tells us that Hero 3 + has a better capacity than all the other GoPro models in low light.

      My experiences are not that different. I didn’t have an issue like you did.

      However, I generally use a small finger torch if i am working for a footage in a wreck, if it is especially a deep dive.

      I advise you to use a simple torch (fixing it on your head, if you can, will stable the light). Don’t downgrade your GoPro just for such a reason.

      Please share your experience after you try this out.

      Thank you again.

      Have safe dives.

  • Michael Greene
    2014-04-14 23:54

    I need to know what red filter to buy for the gopro hero3 plus black? I have to have it buy 4-18-2014 and it is 4-14-2014. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Gopro can not give me any suggestions due to the fact that they are third party vendors, and no studies have been done by gopro. Pfftt, whatever!! HA!

    • Seaman
      2014-04-21 18:36

      Hello there Michael,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Well, I use Go Pro Hero 3+ Red Filter in my dives and it is doing quite good.

      You can take a look at it from the link below.

      Go Pro Hero 3+ Red Filter

  • Maria
    2014-04-22 22:07

    Hi, I’ve been diving for a while now and want to get a Go Pro to record my dives. I’m fairly new to Go Pro, before I was using my Canon EOS 750D but I want something I can take that’s small and out of my way so I can use my hands more freely and that I can use for skiing as well. I keep on changing between the Go Pro Hero 3+ Black and the Silver. Which one is better? And where do you find it is easiest to hold/strap the camera when diving?

    • Seaman
      2014-04-23 12:00

      Hello Maria,

      Thanks for visiting

      Go Pro is a good and easy way to record your dives. I’d suggest you to buy the “Black” version due to its better technical features. If you have enough budget for it, I advise you to choose Go Pro Hero 3+ Black.

      I generally use a head strap to be able to fix my Go Pro.

      You can take a look at it from the link below:

      Go Pro Head Strap

      Hope this helps.

      Dive safe.

  • Meeris
    2014-05-14 05:14


    I want to ask, can we use the Hero 3+ housing for 30 meter dive? Link

    • Seaman
      2014-05-14 16:47

      Hello there Meeris,

      Yes, you can use GoPro Hero 3+ housing up to 40 meters safely.

      Have good dives.

  • Max
    2014-05-27 23:13


    I’m looking into buying a GoPro (I don’t own one yet) and was wondering if the 3 or 3+ would be better for diving? I see great reviews for both versions but I’m uncertain as to which one I want to buy

    • Seaman
      2014-05-28 17:20

      Hello there Max,

      I have used both of them during my dives.

      3+ has a little bit more technical features and there is a small amount of price difference between these two.

      So, I’d suggest you to buy GoPro Hero 3+

      Thank you for your comment.

      Have safe dives

  • Laurelia
    2014-06-28 15:38

    I have just bought a go pro 3+ black (SD card 64GB) and a red filter and i’m going to use it for the first time next week (30meter). Which setting is better to film underwater? I read 1080 super, 30fps, wide, 12mp wide, is that correct?
    And can I had the red filter during the dive or is it better before jumping in the water?
    Thanks your advices!


    • Seaman
      2014-06-29 11:42

      Hello Laurelia,

      Thanks for your comment and helpful questions.

      Well, 1080, 30 fps and 12 mp can take good shots. But I advise you to try other combinations as well. Majority of the autorities suggest us to use this combination. But for creativity, don’t hesitate to use the other ones as well.

      If I am diving somewhere for the first time and know that I’ll not be able to dive there in short term again, I use 1080, 30 fps and 12 mp, too.

      On the other hand, during my dives in dive spots that I dive frequently, I try different combinations, chech’em out on my lap top and compare the combinations for better results.

      For the second part, I have my red filter before jumping in the water.

      This is again a trial and error thing. But I prefer to use my red filter during my whole dive.

      PS: There is an important disadvantage of using a red filter. If you are using a light source during your record, everything looks red! So, don’t use a light during your dives if you are having a red filter with you.

      Hope these help.

      Take care and have good dives Laurelia.

      • Laurelia
        2014-07-03 08:30

        Thanks for your advices!

        I can’t wait to go diving and using my GoPro for the first time!

        Have a good day!


  • ken
    2014-07-02 10:20


    I saw gopro selling a housing specially made for diving, but i cannot find any direct comparison between that and a hero 3+ housing.

    Are there any difference in underwater video quality?


  • Teri
    2015-04-09 04:23

    Does the Hero 3 have a curved lens on the waterproof housing?

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