Google Underwater Search

Today, I was searching the Internet for an underwater camera but found out an interesting topic: Google Underwater Search. I first thought it is something like Google Earth showing the oceans. But understood that Google Underwater Search is something different. It is more like Google Gravity.

Google Underwater Search is an image search engine. Its url ends with “.im“. It is the internet country for Isle of Man, which is located in Irish Sea between Ireland and the Great Britain. Isle of Man is independent in home affairs but dependent to United Kingdom in foreign affairs.

When you search for something, the images of your search falls into the sea and swims with underwater creatures. It is a funny project. You cannot click on an image to enlarge it. When you click on these images, they move randomly. When you type “ball” for example, footballs and basketballs start to “rain” and fall into the water. You can search anything you would like to.

Here are some screen shots of Google Underwater Search when you type “ball” on the search bar.


Try Google Underwater Search by clicking here.

I want to hear your interesting search results by writing a comment below. Have fun!

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