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July 31, 2018

GoPro Hero 6 Underwater Performance

Hello everyone

Welcome to, today I will be talking about the underwater performance of the GoPro Hero 6 as well as the accessories I use for my underwater videos.

GoPro Hero 6 Underwater PerformanceOkay, first of all, we should understand that GoPro is an action-cam; what you expect has to be great underwater photos and videos, no doubt for that but you need more than just your GoPro. Unlike the DSLRs that have multiple lens, flash, strobe and etc to choose from, GoPro accessories that really help you in your underwater adventures are unfortunately limited. Don’t care about how much result is displayed on Google when you type “Gopro underwater accessories,” majority of them are useless.

You will need a couple of accessories I will be sharing with you along with your GoPro Hero 6 to be able to shoot videos like a professional. The name it self is Go Pro and at the end of this post, you will learn what you actually need to shoot like a professional underwater videographer!

Ok, after this briefing, we can go into details.

First of all, I want to share you guys what accessories I use with my GoPro Hero 6 while shooting videos underwater.

Accessories I Use For my Underwater Videos along with my GoPro Hero 6

Below is the list of accessories I always use in my dives.

Whether I take a video of one of my dive students in their training dive or a giant grouper swimming around me, I use these regardless of the depth. These are only the essentials, the list can be expanded for sure, but these are the ones I personally use and taking great videos underwater. You will not need much more than these as I have experienced.

Let’s go!

1. GoPro Super Suit with Dive Housing

Unfortunately, GoPro Hero 6 is not a good diver.

It can only dive up to 10 meters / 33 feet without a dive housing.

There are e a lot of dive housing being sold for GoPro Hero 6, but Super Suit with Dive Housing is the only one that is officially suggested by GoPro itself.

Based on my personal experience, it is a high quality product that will never make you down. No leaks!

By the help of this dive housing your GoPro Hero 6 will be able to perform underwater not only in 10 meters but up to 60 meters / 196 feet, which is already beyond the limits of recreational scuba diving with 40 meters / 131 feet.

2.PolarPro Red Filter Designed for Super Suit

You are in front of a giant coral reef that looks fantastic!

A clownfish is swimming towards you! What a great composition.

You are grabing your GoPro Hero 6 and taking a photo of this great view!

But when you are uploading your photos on your dive boat, you realize how GREEN your photo is!

Where is the red coral and the orange clownfish?!

I know it makes you feel like sh*t!

Don’t worry, you are not the only one. I was there.

That’s why I use PolarPro Red Filter. No more greenish photos and videos.

3.Suptig Underwater Light

One of the disadvantages of GoPro is that the videos are not quite good in low light even in low light mode.

My iPhone 5 is even taking better photos and video than GoPro Hero 6 when it comes to low light.

We are taking this further because we are taking our GoPros down the ocean which is even more dark!

So, an underwater light is a must.

I use Suptig’s 84 led underwater light. Don’t use the ones with fewer leds, they don’t really give the best results.

4.Waterproof Extendable Holding Grip

This is a great 2 in 1 product for me and I am sure it will be for you.

Have I mentioned you that I had to buy 2 GoPro Hero 4?

No, I didn’t try to shoot a 360° video, I dropped the first one I bought in one of my dives and had to order another one!

Ahhhh, what an unnecessary cost!

Then I discovered this product that offers a floating hand grip, so even if you drop your GoPro like I did, your actin-cam will surface, it will not sink. So you will easily spot it after your dive.

What is great about this product is it is not only a floating grip but it can extend! So you can take glorious close-up underwater photographs / videos by the help of this Waterproof Extendable Holding Grip. A close up moray eel? Sounds great, isn’t it?

Above are the accessories I use during my dives and they are a MUST for every scuba diver shooting with a GoPro.

But I also advise you to buy a GoPro Hero 6 battery charger and a spare battery, because they drain very quickly.

Now, let’s move to our next topic!

The underwater performance of GoPro Hero 6!

Video below has been taken @ 1080 p


I hope this post will help you in your next underwater performance with your GoPro!
Please share this post as much as you can with your friends and family who are also in love for taking photos and videos underwater.

Take care and have great dives!

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