Thursday January 23 2020

GoPro Hero 7 Black Edition for a Scuba Diver

The new edition of GoPro; GoPro Hero 7 Black Edition surely has couple of pros and cons for a regular action-cam users.

But the review below is NOT for just a regular “on-land” fellow.

This GoPro Hero 7 review is written for scuba divers like me and the followers of this old blog, who love to capture beautiful photos and videos underwater.



  1. GoPro Hero 6 Vs. Hero 7 (in terms of their tech specs)
  2. Pros of GoPro Hero 7  for a Scuba Diver 
  3. Cons of GoPro Hero 7 for a Scuba Diver
  4. What Seaman Says

If you want to know about the underwater performance of GoPro Hero 6, the previous model, before you start reading this review for a better comparison in mind? Read my post about it here!

You are a beginner and confused to buy an action-cam or an underwater camera? Read my comparison post here to know what you are looking for!

Alright, so let’s start with our first article.

GoPro Hero 6 Vs. Hero 7

First of all,  I wanted you guys to see the major tech specs differences between GoPro Hero 7 and Hero 6.

As you know, there are numerous techs to be compared but the comparison table below show you the most important features of these action-cams.

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Pros of GoPro Hero 7  for a Scuba Diver

When it comes to scuba diving, sadly, majority of the features that GoPro Hero 7 has are redundant.

Voice Control” is a good example.

Normally, on land, you say “GoPro Start Recording,” it starts itself and also start recording.

Howvever, you cannot use this feature while you are scuba diving, right?

Well, yes, I tried it when my full face mask is on, but sorry GoPro, you didn’t hear me.

So, let me tell you some real pros a diver expects to see from GoPro Hero 7

  • Good stabilization (HyperSmooth feature) especially during drift dives (better if you try to move slowly, much better than GoPro Hero 6)
  • Digital (although not optical) zoom is a great opportunity for close-up shots (of a moray eel, for instance)
  • Wide photos are “really wide” and results in beautiful underwater images
  • The 4k@60fps video is alice in wonderland!! (better than GoPro Hero 6? Not really, they both use the same processor)
  • Slow motion feature helps you create cool looking videos like a nurse shark approaching you in x8
  • With a fully charged battery, GoPro Hero 7 is able to record up to 50 minutes in 4K@60fps (wi-fi and Bluetooth off, you are underwater, dude!)
  • After 10-15 minutes you turn your camera on, it starts to get hot (over 50°C). Luckily, you are underwater and this is no issue for you!
  • It is small so doesn’t take much space in your dive bag. Good for traveling.


Cons of GoPro Hero 7  for a Scuba Diver

GoPro is a good action camera, do doubt for that!

But for sure, it is not perfect just like every other products on earth.

Now, let’s see the cons of GoPro Hero 7 not for a regular on land user, but a scuba diver.

  • You can only dive up to 10 meters (33 feet) without this housing.
  • If you mount it on your wrist, you will not understand if/when it releases due to your wet-suit. Same goes on for head mount.
  • GoPro Hero 7 is negatively buoyant, which means that it sinks (like all GoPros). If you are diving in mid-water and somehow drop your GoPro, it is gone. So remember to purchase this.
  • With the dive housing, you have a restricted field of view setting.

What Seaman Says?

What I suggest you is simple.

If you want to purchase an action-cam (I think so because you are still reading this review dude, congratz!), you better buy a GoPro. Because GoPro only produces action-cams.

Since I am an MBA graduate and a business owner, i can tell you that this is a very important issue. Why?

If you are only producing a single product, this means you are focused on that product.

So you have know-how and experience on that specific product which makes you an expert on that.

Beyond that, you are spending your time, effort and budget on only one product for R & D, marketing, engineering and etc. which makes you a near perfect company if you are doing it right.

And, GoPro is doing it fine.

So, if I sum up, if you are new with action-cams, buy a GoPro Hero 7, it worths it.

If you have any other Gaction cam rather than a GoPro Hero 6, buy a GoPro Hero 7, it worths it.

But. If you already own a GoPro Hero 6, I don’t really suggest you to buy it because actually there is no huuuuuge difference except the stabilization.

Check out the details and purchasing page here.