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August 1, 2014

GoRigIt: New GoPro Accessory

You guys know that we, outdoor people love to take shots where ever we are. That’s because we work hard to take those shots. We dive, climb, ride a lot to get there.

So it is very normal for people like us to love to take some shots of what we do and share it with the rest of the world.

I personally prefer to use GoPro cameras for this purpose and I own several models of it.

There are a couple of helpful GoPro reviews right here in to ease your decision if you are not sure which model to buy.

You can access these GoPro reviews here.

Back-White-GoRigItToday, I want to talk about a brand-new GoPro accessory.

It hasn’t even been put up for sale yet but the date is getting closer!

Our new toy’s name is GoRigIt…

I am planning to buy one when it is up for sale because it seems to be a really helpful add on for our GoPro experience.

What Is GoRigIt?

Actually, GoRigIt is an iPhone case designed for GoPro.

You are simply attaching your GoPro -any model- to your iPhone.

And what?

You see what you are shooting and what you have shot.

GoRigIt is an alternative to GoPro LCD Touch BacPac.


What Is the Difference?

Well, according to the GoRigIt company, there are some magnificent differences between GoRigIt and  GoPro LCD Touch BacPac. Here are some of them:

  • GoRigIt is a lot cheaper(Super-Early Bird Version is now $39, company is preparing to sell the product for $59.99 then)
  • GoRigIt needs smaller amount of energy (more battery life span)

Media-TallLogoGeneral Information About GoRigIt

GoRigIt is designed for iPhone 5/5S for now.

But the producer is planning an Android and iPhone 6 case, too.

The idea is to attach your GoPro to your iPhone and see what you are shooting.

GoRigIt’s design allows you to connect your iPhone to almost every GoPro mount. This means that it can be used in your board, handlebars and etc.

In most hard-cases, it is a little bit difficult to take your iPhone in and out of the case. With GoRigIt, you can install and remove your iPhone easily. You are simply opening the case, pushing the black silicone on it and your iPhone is released.

Another helpful feature is the durability of the product.

You don’t have to worry about dropping your iPhone or splashing mud or water on it. GoRigIt is designed to protect your iPhone.

Can We Use It Underwater?

This was one of the very first questions I have asked to the manufacturer.

GoRigIt is “water resistant” for now, but not “water proof.”

So, for now the answer is no. But the team is working on it and they are planning this product to be completely water proof in the near future.

Kickstarter Project

Starting from the 31st of July, GoRigIt will be launched as a project.

You can visit the project page to have a better idea about from the link below.

I advise you to pre-order your GoRigIt now, because this limited price offer is valid only for the first 75 people.

Visit to pre-order GoRigIt, for the details and the product video.

GoRigIt KickStarter Project

Visit GoRigIt’s official web-site from here.

Case Rendering Front

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