Hans Hass Passed Away

Hans Hass. A life dedicated to underwater. An Austrian, trying to protect the seas and share valuable documentaries with the world. Couple of days ago, I have read on somewhere “Only the crazies who think they can change the world, will be the ones who will change it”. This is what I can clearly say about Professor Doctor Hans Hass.

Hans Hass was born in Vienna on 23 January 1919. He has deeply affected on a trip to Riviera when he was 18. He made some expeditions in Caribbean Sea and started to write articles about underwater. These events have made Hans Hass to leave his law education and started to zoology.

Hans Hass used rebreathers at the beginning of his career. Famous German dive equipment producer Dräger made these rebreathers for Hass during World War II. Some sources say that Hans Hass’ dives were also important for war, because he was helping the government by finding new techniques to catch fish and creating fish farms to be able to gain food.

Hans Hass has prepared his first underwater video in 1940, named “Pirsch unter Wasser (Stalking under Water)”. It was a very short (16 minutes) video but it is still impressing me to make an underwater movie in 1940! Hass made his second underwater movie in 1942: Menschen unter Haien (Men among Sharks). This movie was shot in Aegean Sea and Sea of Crete. It lasts 84 minutes. In this movie, divers were in touch with sharks. Hans Hass also has a book with the same title.

My personal favorite act of Hans Hass is the Energon Theory. It is about the energetic basis of life. Energon Theory approaches to the “life” in a different way. You can read/download it from the link below (Also Hans Hass’ web-site):


Hans Hass has fit in 4 movies, 70 TV films and more than 25 books to his 94 years of life. He had plenty of awards, some are:

  • Peace Prize for Biology of the “World Association of Private Schools and Universities for Complementary Healing Practices” (2005)
  • Cayman Islands International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame Award (2006)
  • Wyland ICON Award (2006)
  • Beneath the Sea Special Award (2006)
  • Pannatura Prize for achievements in the nature film (2006)
  • Schmitz-Salue Medal by the Friends of Aquazoo-LöbbeckeMuseum, Düsseldorf (2009)
  • Elisabeth Mann Borgese marine prize (Schleswig-Holstein, 2009)
  • DIVA – German Entertainment Price (2011)
  • Platinum Romy for lifetime achievement (2012)
  • A cone snail, found in the Philippines, was named after him (Protoconus hanshassi) (2012)

Hans Hass has died on 16 June 2003. He was an inspire for a big fraction of the divers, underwater movie makers and zoologists. I’ll miss him. Rest in peace.



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