How Deep Can a GoPro Go?

Whether you are a scuba diver, a snorkeler or a regular swimmer, you want to know the maximum depth a GoPro can go. 

As a scuba diver myself, I use my GoPros to be able to shoot wrecks and giant groupers in my dives. 

The absolute maximum depth for recreational scuba diving is 131 feet / 40 meters

Thus, my underwater camera should be able to shoot videos at this depth. 

Thankfully, GoPro action cams are not only splash proof, but also water proof. But what are the limits, right? 

Caution: Do NOT exceed the recreational dive limits even though you are using a GoPro dive housing that is capable of go deeper.

What is the Depth Limit of a GoPro?

Being able to reply this question is not that easy. 

There are versions of GoPros and their waterproof depth limits are different. 

Let me share these limits with you below with a simple table: 

How Deep Can a GoPro Go?

Table of GoPro models and corresponding maximum depth limits
GoPro Model Max. Depth Without HousingMax. Depth With HousingHousing Model
GoPro Hero 201833 feet / 10 meters197 feet / 60 metersSuper Suit Housing
GoPro Fusion16 feet / 5 meters --
GoPro Hero 6 Black33 feet / 10 meters197 feet / 60 metersSuper Suit Housing
GoPro Hero 5 Black33 feet / 10 meters197 feet / 60 metersSuper Suit Housing
GoPro Session Family (Session, Hero 4 Session, Hero 5 Session)33 feet / 10 meters--
GoPro Hero 2014131 feet / 40 meters--
Hero 4 & Hero 3 Plus (all sub-models)-131 feet / 40 metersStandard Housing
-197 feet / 60 metersDive Housing
-197 feet / 60 metersDive Housing BacPac Backdoor
-131 feet / 40 metersStandard Housing with the Standard BacPac Backdoor
-10 feet / 3 metersStandard Housing with the Touch BacPac Backdoor
GoPro Hero 3-197 feet / 60 metersWith the waterproof housing it comes with
GoPro Hero Cameras (Standard Definiton)-100 feet / 30 metersWrist HERO Housing / Quick-release Housing

Basic Care of Your GoPro Dive Housings

Using your GoPro underwater requires more attention that it does on land. 

You have to check the seals of the diving house before every dive. 

The seal may wear. 

Other than that, you better clean your dive housing and your GoPro after every dive with fresh water. 

Do NOT expose your GoPro dive housings to direct sunlight as this would damage the seal of your GoPro 

Why Seals are So Important? 

That’s because you would NOT like to have your GoPro leaked during your dives. 

This will definitely kill your GoPro (if you are diving in a deoth that exceeds the waterproof limit of your GoPro’s without a dive housing limit). 

I suggest you to grease your GoPro dive housing from time to time (when you feel it is very dry). 

This way, you can use your GoPro and your dive housing for a long time of period. 

Well, have a good dive!

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