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March 18, 2013

How to Start Scuba Diving?

If you are reading this article, it means that you are interested in scuba diving. As for every hobby, starting is the most important part. If you cannot enjoy a hobby from the start, you wouldn’t succeedd and as a result, you wouldn’t go on doing it.

Scuba diving is not a simple hobby. It requires technical knowledge and experience. Because it has some risks as every outdoor sport has. Therefore, you should have a good training. This is where your search starts.

First, you need to now a little bit about diving agencies (you can also call them diving systems). A diving agency is just like a university. Both Stanford and Oxford has engineering departments, right? They almost teach the same courses. So, what is the differences between these two universities’ graduates? Hmm.. depends on the instructors and the technical infrastructures and even the students themselves.

The diving agencies are just like these universities in the example. These agencies train instructors and these instructors train divers. What should a diving agency have ?

  • It should be globally valid.
  • It should teach a candidate diver what a diver will need excatly (not more, not less).
  • It would better has ISO Standarts.

When we look at the diving world, we hear some diving agencies. Most standart, well-known and quailty diving agencies are:

  1. PADI (Professional Assocciation of Diving Instrcutors)
  2. CMAS (Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques)
  3. SSI (Scuba Schools International)

You can select any of them. PADI is originally from USA. In US and England, PADI is very famous. CMAS is from France, founded by Jacques Cousteau. SSI is also from US like PADI, but for almost 10 years, its headquarters is in Germany. SSI is well-known especially in Eastern Europe. These 3 are good quality diving agencies. I advise you to choose among these three.


Now, you should find a dive center. You may find it easily in your home-town. And i am pretty sure that if you are still reading this article, you are passing by in front of a dive center everyday before coming home. But if you haven’t been able to see a dive center around, you can use SSI’s “Dive Center Finder” near you by following the link below.

Dive Center Finder

You even found your dive center. Now, it is time for an instructor. The instructor must have a valid dive instructor certification for the current year. In this point, it depends on the instructor. He/she might be an SSI, a PADI or a CMAS instructor. What is important here is how he/she is giving trust to you. You must trust your instructor, because you are going to go underwater with him/her. Underwater is an environment that you really need to trust. Especially if the one you trust is going to be your instructor.

If that dive instructor in not hesitating while talking, can really answer your basic questions and last but not least, can motivate you and you are really dying to dive after that guy is talking, that’s your instructor!

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