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May 1, 2013

Life is Insane

Last saturday (27th of April), i was living one of the worst days in my life. I quit my job as a stock control specialist in purchasing departmant of a merchandising chain company. I was planning this for a couple of months but never had enough courage to do this. Some bad events have helped me to do it this time. There i was, standing near my company without a job, but with dozens of debt. I have promised my director to work on monday and tuesday to be able to circuit the job to one of my fellow ex-colleague. I said nothing to no-one, just got out.

Open Water Diver CourseI drove slow, directed to Karaburun, to dive with my friends and students and make a Deep Diving Course as i have mentioned in my last article. I felt the breeze coming out of my car window, listened to Frank Sinatra, stopped by to drink a cup of coffee on a country road, laughed to all happened to me in hours, became sad sometimes, called my sister for apologies for screwing up so badly. It was hard. But would have been harder if my family, friends, fellow instructors and students were not supporting me this way.

When i have arrived Karaburun, i started to feel better. The sun was shining and there were no waves around. The sea was hotter than last week, everthing was idealistic for a scuba diving course. Got prepared, received the “don’t care about the job issue, bro” consolations.

On saturday, right after quitting the job, i had an Open Water Diver Course start. With Sema, we have made two shore dives and worked on regulartor recovery, air sharing andddd partial and full mask clear. Sema, mask removal and clear skills suck, i know ­čśë

These dives made me feel better and better during the day. I wouldn’t be feeling this way if i wasn’t diving. At saturday Full Moon night, Egemen and Ceren have come for dinner with me. We all had a great night with a brilliant full-moon on the sky. It was weird. That night was like a mile-stone in my life. The end of the stress and the start of the ambiguity for the future but the relaxation.

On sunday, i have waked up to a very beautiful and charming morning, followed by a near-by the sea breakfast. Almost like one hour after, my Deep Diving Course students and Open Water Divers for boat dives have arrived. And i was feeling even better after that moment.

We have talked about my “quiting the job” event for a couple of minutes, ofcourse. SSI Turkey Area Manager Baris Guntekin was also in our dive center. Me and my students have also chat with him. Then we were ready for a deep dive.

Apeak Deep DiveFirst dive was soft. 40.8 meters, 24 minutes dive. The water was clear and the dive site was looking really good. It was realaxing. All the deep divers and deep diving students felt great. The first deep dive is different for a diver. You feel the color and pressure changes, how dense you breath from your tank.

After a 2.5 hours of surface time, we were on the boat again. This time, i wanted go a little bit more x-treme. We have made an apeak* deep dive to 36 meters. We all felt the freedom in the big blue. When we have arrived the bottom, i saw the excitement in my group. But this was only the start. I was planning to start ascending from 10 meters, but the group was not that tired. To show them an open water ascent (in general, we always dive on a piedmont of an island and ascent multi-level). We have started to ascent from 25 meters without a reference (like the anchor chain of the boat and etc.). They got a little bit tired, but did a great job! We made our safety stop in 5 meters for 3 minutes by showing great buoyancy performance. And got out of water. Tiredness changed with fun and success. Conratulations to my new Deep Divers; Onur, Sezen, Ece and Eda ! Welcome on deep diving board guys .

On the evening, we drove to home, leaving all the great memories behind. A hard week was about to start. When i arrivedBoat Drive home, i told my parents that i have left the job but still had to go to work for a couple of days. They have showed respect to my decision somehow. But the hard part was going to a job that you have already quit.

Monday came quickly. I sit on my office chair. My friend has sit near-by, trying to learn what i was doing. He was going to replace me. It was hard. Tuesday went all the same… I’ve talked to my director that i am done with the pass on the work to my friend and there is no need for me to come to the office again on wednesday. He accepted that.

I have made my farewells with my director and few of my colleagues. Went out, drove my car to home.

And right now, i am at home, writing you about these. What to do now? I don’t really know and there is nothing in my mind about my carrer. We’ll all see.

Some of you guys were with me via e-mail, WhatsApp, phone. Some were with me on the weekend for not leaving me alone in this period. I am lucky for having such great friends.

Thank you all!

*Apeak diving is a technique for descent. A diver descents directly to the dive point at a certain depth. It is the opposite of multi-level descending.

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