Madaline Cole Dies at 25 While Snorkelling

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On 27th of May, 2013 Madaline Cole has died while snorkelling with one of her Australian dive buddies, Simon Rogers. The accident took place in Pulau Perhentian Island (located in South China Sea) in Malaysia. Two snorkellers, Madaline Cole and Simon Rogers have been snorkelling out of the safe (swimming) zone (told by Chief Superintendent Kamaruddin Mohammed Zakaria).

A boat that has come to the island to take the tourists have hit Madaline Cole and Simon Rogers by accident. Cole has suffered from leg, turdo and buttock injury and died in the ambulance before coming to the hospital. Simon Rogers‘ injuries have been claimed as not life-threatening be the officials.

Madaline Cole was a certified PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and a naturalist. She was sensitive about the conversation especially underwater. Madaline Cole was from Hereford, England.

It is a real tragedy for the scuba diving family to loose such a value. We are unfortunately experiencing this kind of accidents around the world. Weather you are a snorkeller, scuba diver or a swimmer, we should all be careful about the boats on the spot. We should check the area for the potential hazards whereever we are.

And all the boats should be knowing that there would be someone in the water especially in such kind of exotic diving locations. At least, a personnell from the boat should be standing on the “nose of the boat” and look for bubbles and potential divers in the water while approaching to the shore/dock slowly.

Feeling so sad.

Rest in peace Madaline Cole.


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