Sleeping Maya Revealed

“Image courtesy of Victor Habbick /”

Cenote Sac Uayum is a sinkhole located at Yucatan, Mexico. Last summer, some dives were made in this sinkhole as part of Mayapán Taboo Cenote Project. Those dives were really informative and helped us to know a little bit more about the Maya. Some skeletons and artifacts were recorded. This first part of the project took place by the help of divers, but the dive spots were confined to the surface. However, caves and deep sinkholes are much more important for being able to know much more about this culture.

Second leg of the Mayapán Taboo Cenote Project is to dive into these mysterious caves and sinkholes away from the surface. These deep dive spots are great “time capsules” for us, which means that there is still a great piece of Maya in there! It is still told that a feathered giant beast is protecting these caves. So Bradley Russell (an archaeologist interested in the ancient Maya culture) and his team had to arrange a traditional ceremony to be able get ready to get in Cenote Sac Uayum. In newswatch.nationalgeographic.comBradly Russel writes:

After several days of work in the main chamber which is open to the surface, we discovered a narrow passage that led to a much larger and deeper second chamber.  This cathedral like space was entirely closed, not yet having developed an opening to the surface like the first.  We were amazed by the size and complexity of the enclosed cavern.  Every indication is that we were the first humans to ever enter the fully submerged space.

Below is a video taken from one of these dives made to that large second chamber. This video has been taken by the research diver Rait Kütt.


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