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November 22, 2013

Meet With Shark Angels

Regular readers of know how sensitive I am about consciousness and conservation.

I not only try to educate my students about scuba diving but also about conservation and consciousness about the environment they are/are going to dive.

This is a hard job. Because the majority of the people are unaware of the importance of the species, worse is they don’t even care about whether these species have importance or not.

Less conscious generations are making this job even harder.

Nobody has assigned me this “conservation trainer” mission to me. This is pure voluntarism.

What is difficult here is the obligation to motivate yourself. Because there are very few people who do the same and inspire and motivate you.

Couple of months ago, I met Jamie Pollack on the Internet. Jamie is one of those “few people” who can inspire and motivate me about being conscious and train the others about it.

She is an underwater enthusiast and a marine conservationist. An elegance trying to “make a change.

Jamie Pollack is the Director of Operations in Shark Angels, a very helpful non-profit organization try to protect the shark species around the world. 

Who Are Shark Angels?

They are people like you and me who are struggling to make a change instead of staring the extinction of the shark species all around the world.

On their web-site,, Shark Angels describe their mission as:

The Shark Angels are leading a positive, contagious movement to save sharks – and the oceans. We are a passionate, global community that believes in the power of education, media and local grassroots campaigns. We raise awareness to the critical issues, educate children, change perspectives, and empower and connect advocates to act locally to save sharks and the critical ecosystems they support.

They have great active campaigns like Fin Free (read: You Are Killing Them), Kids and Sharks and Animals Helping Animals (my favorite Shark Angels campaign).

Watch the video below to learn more about Shark Angels and meet some of them.

If you are a shark diving fan who are looking for information about it, I advise you to take a look at the Give Sharks a Chance page. Very informative.

You can ask yourself why these people are trying to protect sharks but not a squid, hamster or meerkat. Shark Angels have answer this question in their Why Sharks page.

Also take a look at the statistics about sharks that will make you think again.

Shark Angels 2013 Holiday Auction Launches

Launched on 20th of November, Shark Angels started another good job.

This auction is offering you some great diving holidays, health coaching, creative underwater themed paintings and much more.

You are visiting Shark Angels 2013 Holiday Auction web-site and start to bid on products and services.

Till the 11th of December, you can bid on these auction items and help to protect sharks.

Shark Angels spend this money for shark expeditions, training and campaigns. 

Powered by Charitybuzz, this auction web site is user-friendly and safe enough that really deserves a visit from you.

My favorite is the Shark Angels custom design wet-suit from Scuba Pro.


I applaud these creative and responsible women for their acts.

In a world where there are very few people struggling for other species, Shark Angels are one of my hero.

I am very glad that I have met with Jamie Pollack who let me to meet with Shark Angels.

Bon voyage Shark Angels!

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