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May 27, 2013

An Interview With the Queen of Scuba Diver Life: Nadia Aly

I am sure every reader of knows about Nadia Aly and Scuba Diver Life. Nadia Aly is a dedicated scuba diver and a really talented content creator. I don’t have to tell you that she is also a “blogging guru“. Nadia has worked with Google, PADI and Microsoft, but because of her motto “Life is what you make it“, she is now the CEO of Scuba Diver Life.

Almost one month ago, I was sitting on my couch with my laptop, reading one of Nadia Aly’s articles in Somehow, I saw Nadia‘s e-mail address on one of the pages and decided to e-mail her for an interview. I have told a little bit of my self and I read my e-mail again, then clicked send……. Guess what ? Just after a couple of minutes, Nadia has replied me with only one sentence: “Ok Murat, send me the questions via this e-mail please, I’ll make an interview for !!!

I want to thank Nadia Aly for accepting my interview request.

Nadia Aly 1

Photo Taken By Goh Iromoto

Seaman: When did you start scuba diving and how did it happen?

Nadia Aly: I first started Scuba Diving when I was on a family vacation in Jamaica. I was 12. It was my very first experience underwater.

Seaman: I’ve read somewhere that one day you have decided to quit job and start travelling the world for diving?

Nadia Aly: Yes, that’s true. Life is what you make it. I wanted to be in the dive industry, and so I created my own way of doing it. I am not interested in teaching, more diving and creating content. So that’s exactly what I did.

Seaman: How did you decide to make a web-site for diving? Where is the “scuba diver life” name coming from?

Nadia Aly: Back in 2010 I won a trip to Fiji through Tourism Fiji. I was looking up information on the web, and didn’t find any really good resources or blogs. So I made one.  The name Scuba Diver Life was one of the names produced in a naming exercise I had learned in Graduate School. I probably had over 25 names after it filtering ideas for a few weeks. I settled on Scuba Diver Life, it was catchy and reflected the purpose of the blog and community.

Seaman: Did you think that it is going to become so popular and have thousands of readers around the world when you have started

Nadia Aly: No, when I started I didn’t really have a plan or anything like that. It soon became a business. I started it in 2010, but didn’t really think of is a business until late 2011. It was a hobby turned business.

Nadia Aly 2

Photo Taken By Goh Iromoto

 Seaman: Tell us more about How’s site’s going on these days?

Nadia Aly: Well is a site where divers from around the world can come and visit and get new fresh content. We have writers from around the world who write articles. I also concentrate on making professional quality content like the videos and photos that you see on the Facebook page.  You can see the video series on

The site is going really well, there are more and more visitors everyday. The Facbeook page is growing rapidly as well. It’s about to surpass PADI’s Facebook page, once that happens Scuba Diver Life will be the largest Scuba Diving Facebook Page online.

Seaman: Your future plans both for yourself and

Nadia Aly: Well last year I decided to marry Scuba Diver Life. What does that mean? It means that my entire life is now dedicated to the site. I want to build out the brand, create products, start a magazine and concentrate on diving and ocean conservation around the world.

Nadia Aly 3

Photo Taken By Goh Iromoto

Seaman: Which diving spot do you like most around the world?

Nadia Aly: Well that’s Indonesia. I have not been anywhere else like it. There is such a wide variety of spots to visit. My favorite places in Indonesia so far are Lembeh, Komodo  & Raja Ampat.

Seaman: Have you ever been in Turkey for diving? If not, are you planning to ?

Nadia Aly: I have not been to Turkey and I have not planned to yet. Why should I be going? Seaman, Tell me more!

Seaman: What is your favorite complete diving gear? (Brand and model for regulator, console, alternate air source, BCD, tank …..)

Nadia Aly: I don’t really have a favorite. As a woman it’s hard to find gear that fits me well. My feet are super small and I have not found a BC that fits me well yet. I try out all sorts of gear, I don’t really have any favorites yet. The only piece of gear I do cherish is my white sub-gear mask, it’s with me all the time and I have multiple back ups. I like it because it’s white.

 Seaman: You have a huge reader base in Turkey and majority of them are common readers of What would you like to tell them?

Nadia Aly: I have a huge reader base in Turkey? I didn’t know that! Well hello! I would like to say hi to them and learn more about the diving in Turkey!? Where do most of them going to dive? What do they see? Where are the most popular spots?

Nadia Aly 4

Seaman: Were you able to visit If so, how did you find it?

Nadia Aly: Yes I did. I like the frequent content and topics!

Seaman: Do you have any thing to add?

Nadia Aly: Well I would like to add that I am working on a iPad Magazine for Scuba Diver Life. We will start putting out monthly issues. This will be released in June or July of 2013. We are working hard to provide quality content and help the industry flourish.


Nadia Aly

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