Scuba in Fashion: Neoprene Dress!

Cut a square from your wet-suit after your last dive this weekend. Then cut another piece of square and sew those two up! You have a neoprene skirt. Then take your rash guard and sew it attached to your new skirt. There you go! You now have a trendy neoprene dress! You can wear it at home, in your office, at school or at dinner with your boyfriend. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t. Okay, hear this.

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This year, fashion designers are getting inspired from scuba divers. They are starting to (in fact, some of them like Alexander Wang already has neoprene dress creations) use neoprene for their dress designs. I have told you that you shouldn’t get surprised in my first paragraph, because I have even read on a web-site that they have bought some 2nd hand wet-suits from scuba divers and created some neoprene dress (it was something like a Do It Yourself site). I think they are using thin neoprene like 3 mm because it is told that these neoprene dressed are for spring and will be suitable for warmer regions (maybe dry suits will be used in the future for cold regions -okay, kidding this time-). So, if you have sold your wet-suit nowadays, it might have become a nice looking neoprene dress.

Cait Gordon, from says:

If someone had told me a year ago that scuba suit material would make cute dresses, I would have rolled my eyes. But, the fact of the matter is that neoprene, a material usually used in swimwear, actually does make cute dresses. Because of the fabric’s thick, form-fitting nature, neoprene dresses are incredibly flattering.

I found this topic on the web while searching for another topic for me to write about. Then I searched a little bit around and realized that neoprene dress is going to be a hot topic on the following spring and summer. For now, United States is the only country that interested in these dresses. But as a scuba diver, I can clearly tell you that this is a cool idea! And the rest of the world will soon be demanding these products.

Because neoprene is a material that doesn’t wrinkle that easy (remember that women buying a neoprene dress will not carry it in a dive bag, under weights and a regulator). Second, it wouldn’t get stained easily. Although neoprene is more durable with respect to other fabric, it is still light. Last but not least, it doesn’t suck liquids like a cotton dress.

Why don’t you give it a try? I have searched for a neoprene dress on the Internet and found a beautiful-looking one  in (on the left). It already says that there is only one in the stock (while I am writing this article), which means that there has already started a demand for it!

You can also read about neoprene dresses in Elle Canada’s web-site.

What are your opinions about crafting a neoprene dress?

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