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August 6, 2014

New Hollis H-160 Underwater Scooter (DPV) Review

A couple of divewithseaman.com readers wanted me to write a review about New Hollis H-160 DPV right after I have published my Dive Xtras Sierra U/W Scooter review.

We were checking Hollis H-160 in Dema Show when this scooter put on the market. I wasn’t actually interested in this product back then, because I was not writing reviews at that time. New was new and it had to prove itself first.

But one of my fellow divers was convinced by the salesman (Dema price was also discounted, of course:) and he bought one.

I dived two times with Hollis H-160, both were wreck dives.

This review is a blend of my and my buddys Hollis H-160 experiences.

Have fun reading it.


General Info About Hollis H-160 Underwater Scooter (DPV)

Hollis H-160 can be used in technical, cave and wreck diving due to its proper characteristics.

You can easily use it by using only one of your hands. This means you can carry your underwater camera and/or torch.

There is a trigger switch that helps you to adjust your speed as well as a lock for cruise controlling.

H-160 can be trimmed easily with the removable weights in fresh or salt water.

The most prominent part when you see a Hollis 160 DPV is the lights in front of it.

In fact, these 3×3 high intensity LED bulbs are told to be optional for this product; I haven’t seen any Hollis H-160 without these LEDs on it.

You can fly with your Hollis H-160 because its weight is below 50 pounds.

There are three “power settings” rather than gears.

With a NiMh battery, you can dive with your DPV for 1 hour at max speed. Because I wasn’t diving in a cave with Hollis H-160, I often changed my speed but the average speed power was 75% in my dives. The battery allowed me to make a 1.5 hours of bottom time in a multiple-level dive.

Producer tells that with 50% speed power, the battery burn time is 2 hours.

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Features of Hollis H-160 Underwater Scooter (DPV)

  • Aluminum (6061 T6) frame with marine finish
  • 50%, 75% and 100% speed power setting
  • Excellent balance underwater
  • Slow start for a better control
  • Easily accessed battery without need for a tool
  • 27 kg/60 lb thrust
  • 656 ft./200 mt of max depth rating
  • 22 kg/48 lb weight
  • 5 hour of fully charging time
  • Adjustable propeller pitch (9 point)
  • 110/220 V charger (you can select the input)

 See Hollis H-160 Underwater Scooter In Action !!

Pros of Hollis H-160 Underwater Scooter (DPV)

  • Long battery life. 2 hours with a cruise speed is perfect for all kind of dives
  • Machine goes on running for about one second before stopping. This gives us the chance to change hands without stopping
  • You simply “screw” the body of the DPV on to the battery. This is a small but important feature because if there is no latch, there is less failure potential
  • There is a cross-shaped hard plastic cable protector
  • Double O-rings help to seal the DPV
  • 3×3 LED bulbs are good especially for cave divers (and a backup light for all dives)
  • Lock for cruise control is very helpful. You can use this either to lock the DPV off or on

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Cons of Hollis H-160 Underwater Scooter (DPV)

  • Cave divers generally use Sealed Lead Acid batteries rather than NiMh batteries. They believe that the simple is better. Hollis H-160 has a NiMh battery
  • Adjusting propeller pitch according to the speed might be a little bit tricky especially for beginners. I don’t advise to use this adjustment until you understand what it really is and why you need it

Want to Learn More? See the User Guide Here

What Does Seaman Say?

I advise Hollis H-160 Underwater Scooter (DPV) for divers who love to make wreck and wall dives.

You can use this good looking DPV to discover more in your dives especially when you increase the propeller pitch, thus decreasing the rpm to reduce the battery burn time.

Technical divers may also use Hollis H-160 Underwater Scooter (DPV), it can carry a diver with two tanks and a stage tank but the Mako IIRC motor may not satisfy you with the speed in this case.

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  • Terrance Kennedy
    2018-12-03 18:22

    The battery on my Hollis H-160 needs charging and it seems the charger is not showing any light at all when I connect it, and after two E-mails asking for some support THERE IS NO SUPPORT, NO REPLY AT ALL.
    Wanted to ask them what’s up with the charger, and if necessary what does a new charger cost, still NO REPLY….hummmm, you would think for the price they could answer !

    • Seaman
      2018-12-07 22:03

      Hello Terrance,

      Maybe you can find their phone number via the Internet and ask them.

      As far as I know, Hollis is a reliable brand. I don’t think they would refuse a phone call.

      Sorry for your experience but yes, in general, all DPVs have the battery issue.

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