New Mares Avanti Quattro +

Mares has been pushing the limits of their fans for a long time. The Quattro lovers were waiting for this brand new product. As you know, Mares Avanti Quattro is just like the Wolksvagen for their fans. Let’s look at the features:

The new Mares Avanti Quattro (Avanti Quattro +):

  • Has 4 channels
  • Brand new “Bungee Strap” is making it very easy to wear
  • Anotomical foot pocket makes the diver feel much more comfortable
  • Easy one-hand release fin buckle

What does Seaman say? 

I, personally love the way the Avanti Quattros look. The Channel Thrust tech (inspired from the sea animals, moves out great amount water when you kick with respect to other brands’ same size fins) is great as it used to be and the new strap seems to be pretty handy.

The only improvable part is still the weight of the fins. Mares should definitely work on the lightness.

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