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March 17, 2014

New Suunto D4I Novo Review

A dive computer is the brain of our total diving system that allows us to make safe dives. It is very important for divers to know about the current depth, bottom time and no-decompression limits for safety.

I am sure you all know about Suunto. Suunto is a reliable and well-known dive computer brand. It was founded in 1936, which makes it “a know-how store” in dive computer field.

D serie of the Suunto is a dive guru.

On January, 2014, Suunto released the new design of Suunto D4i. Its name is Suunto D4i Novo with four different color choices; Black, LimeBlue and White (guess which color is this 🙂.

As DiveWithSeaman.com, we wanted to use Suunto D4i Novo for a couple of dives before we write a review of it. I have bought the lime color version, for no complex reason, but simply because I like that color.


Let me start with some important features of Suunto D4i. Because Suunto D4i Novo has exactly the same features with Suunto D4i, only the colors and the buttons differ.

  • Operating 4 Buttons
  • Ascent Rate Alarm
  • Maximum Depth Alarm
  • Wireless Air Integration
  • Dot Matrix Display
  • Backlight
  • Air, Nitrox (21% up to %50), Free-Dive (and Off Mode in Suunto D4i Novo)
  • Deep Stop Options
  • Dive Planner
  • Depth Display up to 100 meters
  • Adjustable Altitude
  • 80 Hours of Memory Capacity
  • Safety Stop Function
  • Metric/Imperial Display Choice
  • CR2450 Lithium Battery
  • Reduced Gradient Bubble Model (RGBM)
  • 1.97” (50 mm) in Diameter and 0.61” (16 mm) Thickness

You can download the user’s guide from here.

Don’t you like to read? Watch the video below (video credited to simplyscuba.com)


Now, I want to talk about the pros and cons of Suunto D4i Novo, so you can have a better idea about this dive computer.

As I always say in my product reviews, “there is no perfect product, but a product that is perfectly matched with your needs.

Here are the pros and cons that might help you have a better shape of the product before you buy it.

Pros of Suunto D4I Novo

  • Wireless Transmitter Option (you can see your tank pressure and remaining air time on your dive computer’s screen)
  • Easy to use in daily life because it is light and not giant
  • Included free dive and Nitrox modes
  • USB cable comes with it
  • Algorithm used is quite conservative (some say this is a con but if you are recreational, conservation equals to more safety)
  • Very soft silicone strap but still durable
  • My “old” Suunto D4I (not Novo) is still ‘alive’ with more than 500 dives with it. Remember that Suunto D4i Novo is almost the same.

Cons of Suunto D4I Novo

  • Doesn’t have a navigation option (such as a digital compass)
  • Display is a little bit of small
  • Costs more than majority of the other dive computers in the same segment. That’s because you are also paying for extra features like the wireless transmitter. If you are not using a wireless transmitter/planning to use one, you are paying for a feature that you will not use. Don’t spend your money for features that require a producer great technology and results in extra cost.

Where To Buy Suunto D4I Novo

This colorful dive computer can be purchased from Amazon.com if you are planning to buy it on-line. As you know, Amazon.com is a reliable and old web-site that lets their customers to shop in a secure environment.

In Amazon.com, Lime, Blue and White choices are available.

A product video from BATISKAF


Suunto is one of the heavy balls in dive computer market. They owe this title due to their reliability and cool designs as well as their safety concerns.

Suunto D4i was a very helpful dive computer for divers. Now, with re-design, Suunto D4i Novo is also very cool and colorful.

They have colors like all the divers’ personalities have.

Comparison with Similar Models

I prepared a comparison chart with Suunto D4i Novo, Suunto D6i and Suunto D6i Novo.

By the help of this chart, you may clearly see the most important features comparison among these three reliable dive computers.

Suunto D6i Novo, Suunto D6i and Suunto D4i Novo Comparision Chart

What Does Seaman Say?

Actually, it is not that hard to comment on brands like Suunto. We all know what it is but if there are some Dive With Seaman readers who don’t know it yet, I can clearly say that Suunto has a very impressing position in scuba diving sector.

And about Suunto D4i Novo…

Well, sometimes companies like Suunto prefer to re-design their best-seller products because this way, they push the sales up. A little bit old product like Suunto D4i might have needed a simple push like that.

This is something definitely good for the company. For us?

It depends on our thoughts against re-designs.

If you like to have the newest products on you, it is okay.

If you are already a Suunto D4i user and know its reliability, but think that a change is needed, it is okay.

If your Suunto D4i became old and want to replace it with a colorful one this time, it is cool.

If you are a beginner or intermediate diver but unsure which dive computer to buy, hit that purchase button!

If you are a dive pro who wants to buy a new dive computer and has a little bit more money than you can spend on Suunto D4i Novo, I advise you to consider buying a D6i.

But beyond this rational review, Suunto D4i Novo is very colorful that seems to be very cool. Soft silicone strap is another good point for us to enjoy.

Decision is yours.

Details and shopping from Amazon.com

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  • Nicole
    2015-01-27 02:08

    I’m really leaning agains pressing that purchase button over at LeisurePro, but I’m still a bit doubting. I read in some other reviews of the Novo that it’s too conservative. Of course it’s better to be on the safe side, but not so safe that you get “robbed” of precious bottom time minutes. Any takes on that?

    I’m a fairly new diver, but I’m going to do my DMT in the summer, so I really need to buy a dive comp before then. Thinking the D4i Novo might be a good call 🙂

    • Seaman
      2015-01-28 12:07

      Hello Nicole,

      Thanks for visiting and your comment about Suunto D4I Novo.

      Well, it is known that not only Novo, but the whole Suunto family is conservative.

      As you have mentioned, “being on the safe side” is always good. That’s what i am considering, either.

      However, this is only a matter of personal attitude.

      Some would get bored of this and use “less conservative” dive computers.

      If you are asking me in person, I’d recommend Suunto D4I Novo especially for the fairly new divers like you Nicole.

      You are saying that you will be a DM soon, which means leading groups. Let them be on the safer side, too.

      Kind regards.

  • Kevin
    2015-02-18 08:44

    Hi Seaman,

    How is the battery life on the D4i Novo? I am a new diver and looking to purchase my first dive computer. I have read a few reviews stating that after a few dives the battery on the D4i would need to be replaced?

    • Seaman
      2015-02-19 13:13

      Hello there Kevin,

      Welcome to DiveWithSeaman.com.

      Actually, I made around 50 dives with Suunto D4i Novo and I didn’t need to change the battery yet.

      In addition to my personal experience, one of my Dive Master students use his D4i for more than 100 dives and still using the same battery.

      Hope this helps.

  • Sarah
    2015-07-13 14:33

    Hi Seaman,

    About the battery life on the D4i Novo, is it true that you can nit turn it off? So lets say I do not use it for a year after some dives, would I have to change the battery if I would go diving again? Is this the same for all Suunto watches?

    Thanks for you help.

    • Seaman
      2015-07-13 16:59

      Hello Sarah,

      Yes, you cannot turn it off.

      Suunto advise us to replace batter once a year if you are making 400 dives/year or once two years if you are making 200 dives/year.

      Well, I make around 250 dives/year and it has been 1.5 years since i bought Suunto D4i Novo and it didn’t warn me to change the battery.

      However, some users complain that despite low usage, they had to change their batteries like in 8-10 months.

      These might possibly be exceptional production defects, you know. This kind of things happen for every product.

      Wrist dive computers (watch type) often cannot be turned-off but dive computers used in consoles automatically turn-off after a dive (when it gets dry). Suunto Cobra can be an example, for instance.

      Hope this helps.

      Thanks for visiting.

      • Sarah
        2015-07-14 04:36

        Thank you for this.

        Is it possible to change the battery by myself or is it necessary to bring it to a service store? If yes, what costs would I face?

        Thanks again!

        • Seaman
          2015-07-14 11:53

          Hello there Sarah,

          Hope you are doing fine.

          Actually, you can replace your Suunto D4i Novo battery, however, if you have experience and required tools.

          Suunto suggests us to take it to an authorized Suunto service, because battery change must be executed in proper manner. Otherwise, you might experience water leakage.

          Some of my friends who own a Suunto D4i Novo weren’t able to find an authorized Suunto service, so they took their dive computers to a regular watch shop for battery replacement.

          And they didn’t experience any problems with their Suuntos.

          I don’t want to mislead you tough, it is always better to send it to an authorized service. I just wanted to give you an alternative, but in that case, risk is always there.

          I don’t know how much battery replacement would cost in your region, but last year in Sharm El Seikh, Egypt, one of my dive students replaced his Suunto D4i’s battery (in a dive shop, not Suunto service) for $15. Just to give you an idea. Remember that Sharm is a touristic place so the price would be lower in your region.

          Please share where are you following us from, other DiveWithSeaman readers might help you about battery replacement costs in your region.

          See you soon and have safe dives.

          Kind regards.

  • Gilvan
    2015-07-22 20:38

    Hi Seaman,

    On the box of this new model. I got the impression of a painted metal material in black.
    The old model is more durable?

    Thanks for you help.

    • Seaman
      2015-07-22 21:55

      Hi Gilvan,

      It is very nice to see you here, welcome to divewithseman.com

      Suunto D4i Novo is excatly the same dive computer with the old version. The only difference is color.

      So I don’t think the old version is more durable than Novo or vice versa. I am using my Suunto D4i Novo since its launch and didn’t experience any problems regarding this issue.

      In addition, one of my friends is also using Novo for almost one year. She is a little bit of awkward (: I didn’t count how many times her Suunto fell down…

      But her Novo is still one piece and functioning well.

      Take good care of your equipment and they will take good care of you.

      Have no worries about the durability.

      Hope this helps.

  • Gilvan
    2015-07-23 04:29


    Thanks for the quick return.
    I am very careful with my watches. I still have an old Suunto Mosquito after 08 years. 😉
    Analyzing my new purchase. This week, I had my hands on the old D4i and D4i Novo, I have the impression that the “black ink” with time will be removed.

    You have seen D4i with the metal part without the black ink?

    Thanks for you help.

    • Seaman
      2015-07-23 11:10

      Dear Gilvan,

      Neither I experienced any paint removal nor my friends.

      However, none of us have the black version.

      Does your Sunnto D4i Novo have product guarantee? If yes, for how long is it valid?

  • April Najarro
    2016-06-04 23:50

    With buying the lime Novo, did you notice the strap discoloring at all after wearing it for a while?

    Thank you!

    • Seaman
      2016-06-06 15:26

      Hi April,

      Thanks for visiting.

      No, I haven’t experienced such a discoloring yet. But mine is not lime.

  • Sara Eib
    2017-06-13 00:17

    I am a fairly new diver looking forward to her first dive computer! I would really like to purchase this one but I’ve seen lots of instances with suunto computers where it does a self dive, do you know if they have fixed this is sure with this new model?
    Thank You!

  • Seaman
    2017-06-13 13:38

    Hello Sara !

    Thanks for visiting DiveWithSeaman.com

    I’ve been using this dive computer for a couple of years, but I haven’t experienced such an issue.

    As a new scuba diver, I suggest you to buy this one. Conservative, innovative, good-looking and reliable.

    Have good and safe dives.

  • Sharon
    2017-12-09 19:32

    Can you switch gases during a dive using the suunto d4i novo?
    Thanks for your help.

    • Seaman
      2017-12-14 09:46

      Hello Sharon,

      It is not possible to change gases during a dive and also, it is highly not recommended to dive with different gas mixtures in short intervals of time.

      For example, if you choose to dive using Nitrox, you will not be able to use Air as a gas for the next 48 hours due to safety reasons. This applies for all Suunto dive computers and it is a safety feature since using different compositions in short intervals of time could bring you harm in some conditions.


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