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April 15, 2013

New Underwater Navigators

Last sunday, I was in the seas with my students. We had two great pleasure dives (20 meters, 32 mins and 18 meters, 35 mins, 2 hours of surface interval inbetween). The weather wasn’t that sunny, but went well. In addition to these wonderful boat dives, I had the SSI Underwater Navigation Course. Here is my day. 

I wake up at around 07:00 on sunday. Yeah, my only freeday out of office. But I was feeling fresh and excited for the dive. I didn’t make the breakfast, got out of my friend’s house (we were hanging out in his house night before -thank you Egemen-) and ran the engine of my car.

No one was on the road.. I turned on my cd-player and started to listen to the AC-DC and driving in front of Izmir University of Economics. Met with my great students Ayberk, Kerem, Ceylin and Sezen. It was about 08:00 am.

We made our breakfast on a road-by bakery and drank hot tea while sun is rising up and starting to heat the world for us. We drove on a sweet smelling road, full of trees. The sea was very quiet. The trip took 2.5 hours and and 10:30, we were in Karaburun, cKc Divers Dive Center (SSI Instrcutor Training Center) that I am giving scuba courses for more than 6 years.

Underwater NavigationI started to briefing, talking about the compass and the natural navigation. Kerem and Ayberk were listening me carefully, willing not to get lost underwater 😉 We made our first Underwater Navigation dive at around 11:30. I wanted my students to go straight and come back by using an underwater compass. Everything went well. Second skill was to draw a square (starting turning from the right, means to turn to 270° in the compass when they finish one side of the square). They did it very well. One were looking at the compass and the other was counting the fin kicks (to equally draw each side of the square). Dive was at 5 meters and took 30 minutes.

When we surfaced, my students and colleagues from my “weekday life” has arrived. We all went for a boat dive. Morays were everywhere. The vision was limited due to the clouds on the air. Only few sun rays were able to pass the clouds and reach us. We couldn’t get photos because of this, but the dive was cool. My students haven’t been diving for a couple of months (i was actually wthinking about making a Scuba Skills Update, but then they assured me that they haven’t forgotton to dive in this 4 months 🙂 , but they were quite good.

Second dive was better, although the wind has started to shake our boat. We dived on the back of a little island. The bottom was sandy and full of small colorful fish. Morays were everywhere again. Ceylin, Sezen, Ayberk, Kerem, Baris, Berk and me.. We all enjoyed the dive. Coming back to the shore was painful, bacause in cKc Dive Center, they use inflatable power boat and it is faaaasssst.. And especially if you are wet and the weather is windy, that speed is frozing you .. But nothing can stop a good dive’s soul, right?

When we “landed”, we ate something and talked about the bigness of the morays (you can guess how big it was told after a dive 😉 and the grouper.

For the 4th dive, me and my Underwater Navigation students was in the waters again. It was about 18:00. Our two skills were drawing a square again. This time, they were gonna turn from the left side (means turning to 90° in the compass).  They came back and found me, but they were a little bit late. I was playing with some small fish underwater, waiting for them .. I was thinking that they were lost and still making 90° turns somewhere. But at last, they found me. Second skill was to sraw a triangle. They made it with ease and finished their Underwater Navigation course and became brand-new underwater navigators. On the Surface

They not only became Underwater Navigators, but also SSI Advanced Open Waters by comleting 4 specialties and 24 dives. Kerem and Ayberk, congratulations guys !! Nice job!

At about 20:00, we were on the road back to Izmir. Leaving a beautiful dive day behind.

Next Week: I’ll meet with my new Open Water Diver students on wednesday for the acedemic session. At the weekend, we’ll be in the waters for two days. I’ll tell you about my new Open Water Diver Course when I return. Take care and have a nice week all !

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