Nicholas Mevoli Dies In Vertical Blue

Nicholas Mevoli is a 32 year-old American free-diver. In May 2013, Mevoli made a free dive to 100 meters without assist and became the American champ. With a 3:45 dive time, he succeeded by using a momo-fin on that championship that day. 


However on 17th of November, Nicholas Mevoli tried to achive his second American title in Bahamas. ‘Vertical Blue’, a free diving championship organization held each year is very important for free divers. explains Vertical Blue in its 18.11.2013 issue like below:

Vertical Blue, considered the Wimbledon of free diving, is an annual event that attracts the sport’s top athletes. It is held in a unique arena: Dean’s Blue Hole, a narrow, 200-meter-deep limestone pit, the deepest of its kind in the world. It is set in a cove backed by cliffs that spill into a turquoise bay. The bay laps the shore of an egg noodle of an island that is 72 miles long, home to 4,000 people and under the tourism radar.

Nicholas Mevoli was getting ready for his dive to 72 meters without fins and constant weight. He took his last breath and started to dive.

Mevoli looked like something is going bad and hesitated to dive deeper at 68 meters (223 feet). Sonar watchers thought that something is wrong and Nicholas Mevoli is going to start his ascent. But he didn’t.

Nicholas Mevoli went on his dive to be able to got his second championship title.

After a 3 minutes 38 seconds dive, he surfaced. 

There is a surface protocol in free-diving competitions. The free diver should say “i am okay” for the dive to become valid.

Nicholas Mevoli couldn’t say that, instead, he lost his consciousness on the surface. One of the rescue divers screamed that “Mevoli has a lung problem.” Soon, blood started to come out of Mevoli’s mouth.

Taken to a nearby platform, Mevoli’s wet-suit has been cut for a better cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Health team started to revive Nicholas Mevoli, also applied 3 shots of adrenaline, but all these attempts were unsuccessful.

Rest in peace Nicholas Mevoli. 


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