Sunday February 16 2020

Online Training

In some dive agencies (systems), you can start to learn scuba diving online. In PADI and SSI, online training is available. This application is being used till the mids of 2000’s. There are three stages for a scuba training. They are academic session, confined water dives and open water dives (go to training page for more info about the stages). For sure, you cannot learn the confined and open water dives on-line. I am sure that you are imaging yourself in your bathtub wearing a scuba unit and trying to dive. But no, this is not the case of course. In online training, you can only practice the academic session.

How Can I Learn From Online Training?

In online training, learning is simple. You can be anywhere on the planet; Having an internet connection is the only thing you need. In SSI Online Training, for example, you are watching couple of videos (consists of 7 chapters). A certified scuba instructor explains you every point of the academic session as if you are in a dive center.

Why Online Training?

Learning online is flexible. You can start your academic session right now, pause it for a coffee break and go on with the second chapter. Following day, you can open your laptop and go on your online training with the third chapter.

If you think that you have missed a point, you can easily pause it, go back and listen to the point again. It gives us freedom about time and location. In any time and location, you can take the academic session.

The best way to learn something is to learn whenever and whereever you’d like to learn. Online training is the key in this point.

Cost of Online Training?

In SSI, online training is free and in PADI, it costs £ 86 for online Open Water Diver Course training. In addition to these, you are going to pay for your dives and certification when you are directed to a certified dive center after finishing your online training.

What Happens After Online Training?

After online training is finished, you are directed to a dive center that you can go on your scuba course training. This dive center is going to be the one closest to you. Than the instructor will give you your book, dvd and other required training materails and give you a final exam. Your instructor will explain you the questions that you have missed and finish your training.

Then you are going to make your confined and open water dives (go to training page for more info about the confined and open water dives) and become a certified scuba diver!