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April 22, 2013

Open Water Diver Course

Okay, last week i didn’t have my best week in my office. In fact, it was some of my worst weekdays in my career. However, on 17-18-19 of April, I was making the academic sessions of SSI Open Water Diver Course with my new students from Izmir University of Economics, Underwater Student Club (they call themself; Deco). And my escape from a really bad “office-weekday” was this after 6 pm for three days.I love to talk about scuba, especially when i have people who wants to learn and doesn’t know much about scuba diving. So, my Open Water Diver classes are huge opportunuties for me. There were 6 students in my class; Sema, Husnu “the Hugo”, Nesli, Baris, Enes and Kemal. They were motivated and focused well. All they need were the proper knowledge.

Academic SessionFirst day, we have talked about what we are gonna do the Open Water Diver Course and how. We have signed our forms and made an introduction. Then I have introduced the scuba gear, functions and “how-to”s.

Second day, our topic was the affects of increasing and decreasing pressure. Dive disease and how to prevent and recognise these. First aid and treatment.

On the last day, we have a little bit talked about dive planning (dive tables and computers). Then it was time for the final exam. They all passed it (congratz guys) !

Unfortunately, i work half day in saturdays. But my students have already gone to Karaburun, Izmir to cKc Divers Dive Center. One of my fellow dive instructors have made their first dive. When i have got out of office, it was like 1 pm and jumped in my car to be able to be in the water with my students in their 2nd dive. Like 02:30 pm, i was in Karaburun, too. (it is almost 200 kms from Izmir to Karaburun).

Confined Water DivesFirst day (saturday), we have made 3 training dives. The water was 16° C, which can be counted as “cool” for Turkey 🙂 My students felt really cold and tired sometimes, but they have finished these 3 training dives with success.

The night was great ! We were dining near by the sea and the weather was sweet. Sea breeze was cooling us as we were laughing and talking about the training dives and the day after. Beautiful dive night without any TV, the Internet, traffic.. Only the silence and the sound of nature.

Sunday was a sunny day in Turkey. The weather was hotter with no clouds. Our first dive was agin from the shore. We made the surface skills (like removing and replacing scuba on the surface) of the Open Water Diver Course. Our maximum depth was 8 meters in this dive (Gorkem, thank you for being with us on that dive :).

Last dive of the day and the weekend was to 18 meters with our dive boat. We have made an 18 meters – 24 minutes dive,Open Water Dives with 6 meters of visibility underwater. The sea was crowded with a herd of small blue fish around. At the safety stop (in 5 meters, we wait for 3 minutes before surfacing) i congratulated my brand new SSI Open Water Divers.

When i have arrived home, it was about 10:00 pm. And it was time to sleep after a tiring but amusing dive weekend. I congratulate you again guys ! You did a really good job.

Next week, i am plannig a Deep Diving Course. Who’s Diving With Seaman?

Kerem, thank you for these great photos !

Deco Divers

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  • Pelin Kulaksız
    2013-04-22 22:31

    I guess it was the first time that i missed an Oper Water Diver Course in last 5 years and i guess i missed a lot of fun! 😀

  • Husnu Yucel 'The Hugo'
    2013-04-22 22:35

    Intense training , great weekend , infinite fun and unforgetable memories…Thank You for all.

  • onur keskin
    2013-04-23 02:51

    @pelin i don’t wanna make you angry or sth. but yeah you missed alot 😀

    @seaman i’ve been waiting for that course since i become an OWD,i’m already excited can’t wait to see the deep 🙂

    by the way again congratulations to new D-eco’s, dive hard guys may the Poseidon be with you 🙂

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