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November 19, 2013

Scuba Diving in GTA 5

Several weeks ago, I have seen world-famous Barcelona player Lionel Messi on T.V. He was playing PES on Play Station. Ofcourse his virtual team was Barcelona as well.
Sometimes he was even playing himself in the game! Shooting a volley, head-shot and pass through his team-mate’s run-way from virtual Lionel Messi.

It should feel both cool and weird” I thought.

You should have seen Messi how happy he was just because playing the same game, soccer, not on the field this time but on Play Station.

Just like Messi being happy while playing PES, scuba divers are very happy while playing a legend game’s last version.

Grand Theft Auto 5

I only played GTA San Andreas and loved it! It is a great pc gaming experience with dozens of quests and quality graphics.

In this games series, you are playing a character. You are an outlaw trying to complete some tasks given by you by the game. What’s cool in the game is that you not only complete these quests, but also enjoy your life in the game.

Your character can dinner out with his girlfriend, swim and dance…

You may take a look at GTA’s official web-site for more.

In the last version of the game, GTA 5, your character now can scuba dive!

Scuba Diving In GTA 5


After I told this to one of my friends, he answered “I am already diving man, no need to play it!

That’s right, it is not a “need.” However, it can help you make scuba diving your life-style.

Think about the scuba diving t-shirt and the diver down flag themed beret you wear. They motivate you about scuba diving by making it your life-style.

Consider “acting” scuba diving in this way.

Playing the game of the sport/activity you are involved helps you make it your life-style. As a result, you enjoy it more while getting fully motivated.

Tell Me More About Scuba In GTA 5

Your character wears his scuba unit and jumps onto the sea-water just like you do/want to do.

There are some collectibles in the wrecks (yeah, there are beautiful wrecks in the game) you may want to collect and underwater quests you should complete.

Besides, your character can scuba dive just for fun!


High underwater graphics make you smile while diving in this virtual underwater world.

Your GTA character already has a lung capacity just like in the previous versions. Scuba diving gear is for deep sea quests.

Why It Should Become a Life-Style?

If you consider scuba diving as one of your hobbies you enjoy, it cannot show further progress in you. Because your view about scuba diving sets in your mind as “a fine weekend activity.” Nothing more.

Think about buying a scuba diving t-shirt, for instance. It motivates you when people around you gets that you are a scuba diver. In addition, they ask you questions about your activity. You tell them, they ask more.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Then couple of them start to scuba dive. You know have new buddies.

As I observe from my peers and students, this leads to make them move forward, moving to upper levels in their diving agency.

Look around you. When scuba divers (who has a scuba diving lifestyle) step on the dive boat with couple of friends of them, they motivate, maybe consider themselves as headliners and the result is generally “desire to jump to the next level.

This is just one example.

Making scuba diving your life-style will help you go further. Not only to the next scuba diving certification level as I have mentioned above, but makes you research, read and share more. This in turn, will help you become a better diver.

A Gift for You

I realized that it is not that easy to find scuba diving gear in the game, lol.

So I found a video that will guide you to find a scuba diving gear FOR FREE in GTA 5. Plus you’ll find a $25.000 suit case.

Hope you’ll enjoy the game, but I definitely advise it.

Got to go for now. I have to go on my game that I have saved yesterday night.

Have fun.

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  • Said Flores
    2015-11-19 09:04

    I just found your page and it inspired me to continue fighting for my dreams. I am a rescue diver and soon will do a divemaster course and my dream is to be an instructor and dive a lot and also be someone other divers can look at and say I wanna be like him. Keep on the good work mate. I live in Puerto Rico where i dive both the atlantic and the caribbean regularly, well until i had to change my sherwood magnum for construction defects so the day after tomorrow I will get an sr2 which is a higher performance reg for 100$ more. If u ever dive here in Puerto Rico be sure to send me an email and maybe we can dive toguether.

    • Seaman
      2015-11-19 13:43

      Hello there Flores,

      Thanks for visiting and leaving such a positive comment, buddy.
      I really enjoyed and touched by your thoughts.

      Here on DWS, I wanted to explain other people around the globe that every single person should continue fighting for their dreams just like you do, man. This is the key for a happy life.

      You’ll be a great instructor, i believe in that. This passion and desire… Keep up the good work.

      It is really nice to see you here and it is good to hear that “someone on the globe” share the very same thoughts with me.

      It is an honor to meet with you Flores.

      Stay golden.


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