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October 2, 2014

Scuba Equipment For Beginners


This is the word that should come to mind when talking about purchasing a scuba diving equipment.

No more, no less.

Scuba divers should buy the “proper” equipment for them.

An experienced diver, a tecnichal diver, a scuba insructor and an Open Water Diver have different needs.

Optimized Scuba Equipment Purchase for Beginners


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Let me give you an example.

One of my friends needs a mobile phone.

He says that he doesn’t need a 3G internet connection, but WiFi. He doesn’t need an 8 MP camera, because he is already a professional photographer and always carries his DSLR.

Now. If he goes to a mobile phone shop and buys an iPhone for a couple hundreds of dollars, it is an extra cost for him.

Because iPhone has the ability to connect the 3G internet and has a good camera, all these features he doesn’t need.

Instead, if he buys an old-school (but a favorite for him) mobile phone, he is optimized. Being able to call, being called, sending/recieving SMS and WiFi connection is all he needs.

This is the same logic behing shopping for a scuba equipment, especially for beginners. Because majority of the beginners think that they need more.

Ofcourse it is up to your personal targets, but it is good to know what you are about to buy and what percentage of the features you are going to use.

Optimized scuba equipment saves you some money.

You can use this saving to make a couple of more dives, for instance.

Don’t pay for what you don’t need.

Optimized Scuba Equipment for Beginners

I wanted to make a list of scuba equipment for beginners to help you make a cost effective start.

Below are the equipment I suggest to scuba divers who have just started and confused about what to buy.

Cressi Scuba Diving Frameless Mask

Cressi Frameless Scuba MaskCressi is an experienced scuba equipment company. They are doing this job since 1946.

I made couple of purchases from them and I didn’t regret.

  • This mask is 100% silicone, which means your face will not get hurt and it will fit you face especially after a couple of dives.
  • The monolith glass will help you have a better view underwater.
  • In addition th these, Cressi Scuba Diving Frameless Mask has a low volume.

This means little effort for you to clear your mask when needed.

It is also good when you need to equalize your mask. Low volume is equal to less air you should exhale through your nose for a comfortable mask equalization.

Cressi Scuba Diving Frameless Mask got 4.5 stars out of 5 voted by real owners in

If you would like to see customers reviews and questions asked about this mask, you can click here.

Oceanic Vortex V-16 Split Fins

This light weight fins are one of the best scuba equipment for beginners.Oceanic Vortex V-16 Split Fins

You’ll often look at your dive boots during diving, thinking that your fins have fallen from your feet!

Oceanic Vortex V-16 Split Fins will never exhaust you.

Split fins have been inspired by the dolphin tails.

Hard fins without experience will make you tired and most likely result in cramps.

If you would like to see customers reviews and questions asked about these fins, you can click here.

You’ll need diving boots to be able to wear your open heel fins. It also helps you to keep your feet warm and protect you from the gravels.

I suggest you tu buy a classic: Mares Classic 5mm Dive Boot.

Simple, better.

O’Neill Wetsuits Hammer 3/2 Full Wetsuit

O'Neill Wetsuits Hammer Full WetsuitYou’ll need a wetsuit to stay warm underwater.

This wet suit has a really good price and it gives beginners more than they need.

O’Neill Wetsuits Hammer 3/2 Full Wetsuit is flexible so it is easy to wear.

It fits quite fine when you order the right size.

So be careful to use the O’Neill size chart and be sure to buy the right one.

You can access the O’Neill size guide here.

If you would like to see customers reviews and questions asked about this wetsuit, you can click here.

Cressi Starter Package

This is the best package as a scuba equipment for beginners.

A great opportunity to save money.Cressi Scuba Equipment Package

This is a great package from Cressi including:

  • Cressi Start BCD
  • Cressi regulator (Yoke)
  • Cressi octopus
  • A standard two guage console (Analoge & Imperial)

If you would like to see customers reviews and questions asked about this package, you can click here.

You may also want to see the Popular Dive Gear page of, a collection of the squba equipment of the readers.

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