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March 31, 2013

Scuba Make the People Come Together

Scuba not only makes you go under the sea, but also changes your social life. Divers are becoming friends with each other in a shorter time than they do with non-divers. Why?

Common Interests

Divers are people who’d like to feel the freedom. Their favorite color is the ocean blue. They all like to hear the sound coming out of their regulators when they breath. I can count thousands of common interests.

They feel close when they share the same feelings.

Rich Content to Talk

Imagine you met a guy who has a dog and you also have one. You’d definitely start to talk about dogs, wouldn’t you?

Divers have dozens have things to talk about and share. We talk about dive trips, equipment, instructors, dive centers, what we feel while diving and much more !


Underwater, you are in an environment that you should not be. This makes scuba diving a little bit risky just like other outdoor sports is. All divers have an alternate air source in case of emergencies, for example. But not for ourselves, for our buddies (see Dive Buddies article for more info about buddies).

This situation makes the divers to trust each other. “If I somehow become out-of-air, I have my buddy”…


After you dive for a long period of time, you realise that you are buying diving magazines, reading Dive With Seaman articles (!), setting scuba diving themed background images for your desktop, trying to convince your best friends and family members to become scuba divers, visiting dive centers of the cities when you are travelling, buying scuba themed t-shirts and… Starting to have friends who are scuba divers!

Minutes underwater and hours in a dive center or a dive boat become unsatisfactory. Divers would also like to be together when they do something other than diving.

paintballToday, we had a very good sunny day in Izmir/TURKEY. We couldn’t go for diving because of the wind here. Me, and my lovely dive students (they are also my friends, ofcourse) played PaintBall for one-and-a-half hours! We generally do this when we can’t go for diving.

PaintBall is another outdoor game. It requires physical condition and a little bir madness 🙂

I require friends who like adrenalin, would not complain when they get shot (it hurts a little bit if you got shot from a short distance as you know) and got paint on their clothing even though we wear pullovers.

Whom I called ? Ofcourse my fellow dive students … They have all the features that I want.

  • They like outdoor
  • They have the physical condition
  • They are mad 🙂
  • They love adrenalin
  • They don’t complain when they got shot and got paint on their clothing

After this great match, we have eaten something together, we planned the scuba diving courses that we will do next Brunchsunday (if there would be no wind and we can go for diving) and talked about diving ofcourse…

It was a very beautiful sunday for me…

When you start scuba diving, you’ll meet with plenty of people who has common thoughts with you. What are you waiting for? Go and meet with them ..

Have a nice week all!


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  • Pelin Kulaksız
    2013-03-31 21:39

    For a person who has experienced a night dive,paintball is one of the best option they got.I mean curling for example,too smooth to have fun right?No offence 😉 (it was a great game by the way!)

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