SeaLife Micro HD Announced

If you enjoy diving but still didn’t take a single photo underwater, this is your opportunity.

SeaLife has introduced the SeaLife Micro HD.

It is the first fully sealed camera which makes it a pioneer in the sector. There were some cameras that can be used without a housing underwater but they were limited to a certain depth. This made them “pool cameras.” SeaLife Micro HD, however, is a revolution in fully sealed underwater camera concept. It can be seen as a milestone.

We are used to use or see the cameras inside giant underwater housing.

With SeaLife Micro HD, you don’t need to carry a huge drum in your dives. No big and heavy underwater cases!

Grap your camera and dive to shoot your best! Sounds cool, doesn’t it?


Features of SeaLife Micro HD

  • Fully Sealed (no housing and O-rings)
  • 1080p HD Video at 30fps (also can be 720p at 60fps)
  • 13 Megapixel Image Resolution
  • Fisheye Lens 140°
  • Easy Control With Large Keys (Also called Piano Keys)
  • Both Photo & Video (you can take photos during recording a video)
  • Simple and Easy-to-Use Menu
  • Internal Memory of 16GB
  • 60 meters Waterpoof
  • Instant Focus Lens starting from 30cm
  • Rubber Casing Is Resistant to Shock
  • Ergonomic
  • Lightweight (266 gr, good for travelling)
  • Rapid Fire Mode (takes 10 snapshots per second)
  • Time Lapse Mode (takes continuous snapshot in time intervals you select)
  • Lithium rechargable battery that lasts for 3 hours without charging
  • 2.4″ LCD Screen
  • Expandable with Sea Dragon dive lights

SeaLife Micro HD Is On Its Way!

We need to be a little bit patient. SeaLife Micro HD will be ready for sale in September 2014.

This handy camera can be used both above and below the water.

SeaLife Micro HD is not leaking any water while you are taking photos/videos in a rainy day in your backyard or in 60 meters under the water !

It looks like a small SLR camera due to its rubber case but SeaLife Micro HD is a good compact camera with a 2.4″ color LCD screen on it.

SeaLife announced that there will be two models of this camera:

  1. 16 GB Micro HD
  2. 32 GB Micro HD with Wireless

We’ll be able to share our photos and videos wirelessly with the 32 GB version, which will certainly ease the sharing process. In 16 GB version, this can be done with a USB cable. There are waterproof USB ports outside of the camera.

Battery charging is also easy with this USB port. Like we do with our cell-phones, we are going to be able to charge our Micro HD with a USB cable even when the camera is still wet.


There are not any small buttons that make us sick especially when we use dive gloves.

There are 3 big keys. These “piano keys” are easy-to-use. You can control all the functions by the help of these large keys.

You press one of these buttons for the setup menu, select the type of shooting you like, depth and lighting options.

Video button starts and stops recording and you can even take photos while recording a video without ceasing the video.

There is a built-in color correction option in SeaLife Micro HD, but for better results you may want to one or two Sea Dragon lights. Sea Dragon is an external SeaLife photo/video light that can easily be attached to your SeaLife Micro HD.

If you are planning to take photos/videos of underwater animals that you don’t want to get too close, you can use SeaLife AquaPod with your camera for this purpose.


Price of SeaLife Micro HD

Yes, let’s come to the point 🙂

I am sure you all want to hear the price.

As I have mentioned above, there’ll be two versions of the SeaLife Micro HD.

Here are the planning prices for both versions:

16 GB SeaLife Micro HD: $399.95

32 GB SeaLife Micro HD with Wireless: $499.95

I hope you now have an idea about SeaLife Micro HD. I’ll be buying, using and reviewing this camera for readers in September.

Please visit SeaLife Micro HD Review page for a detailed review of this product.

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