Monday January 27 2020


Snorkel is an equipment that helps us to breath on the surface.If you are wondering why we are using a snorkel in scuba diving, that’s because it can save us a lot of air on the surface. You jump from your dive boat and swim to the dive point from the surface. It is the same for the return. If you use a snorkel (instead of your regulator second stage) during these surface swims, you’ll save air for your dive.
You should attach your snorkel to the LEFT side of your mask. That’s because regulator’s second stage and the alternate air source (octopus) are placed on your right. We don’t want these equipment entwine and confuse us.

Here are some tips that will help you choose your snorkel:

  1. Dry snorkels” will leak no water inside even it is under the water level. There is a buoy (like a ping-pong ball) on the top of your snorkel that obstruct the snorkel in diving position. When you surface and the snorkel gets out of water, our smart buoy does its job and removes the blockage. You go on breathing comfortably. There is also “Semi-dry” concept, but it only “tries” to make the splash water harder to find its way through the snorkel. It still leaks water.
  2. Flexible snorkels will be more comfortable in your dives and doesn’t challenge the hydrodynamics.
  3. Some snorkels have purge valves. These valves help you to clear water inside of your snorkel with less effort.
  4. The most important part of a snorkel is the mouth piece. You should feel comfortable and it should fit your mouth when you try it in your dive shop. Soft material should be used in mouth piece. Last but not least, the mouth piece of your snorkel should be rotating so it will give you the most comfortable position in your surface swims.

I advise you to buy a mask, snorkel and fins if you are a beginner. Because even if you -somehow- stop/pause scuba diving, you can still use these equipment gear in your water activities.

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