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October 18, 2013

SubGear Cayman Regulator Review

Regulator is the most important dive equipment. The logic is simple: You are trying to stay under the water where you cannot breath and the regulator supplies you the air in proper pressure so you can breath. A regulator should be working good for your comfort and most importantly, your safety. As an instructor, I search a lot before ordering my equipment, regardless of its importance. I own a SubGear Cayman regulator and wanted to share my thoughts with readers and our guests who are willing to buy this regulator but looking for a couple of reviews. Note that I have been using SubGear Cayman regulator for more than 2 years.

SubGear is a well-known dive equipment manufacturer. In fact, SubGear was Seemann Sub (German brand) till 2007, which was founded in 1979.

SubGear Cayman regulator is the only regulator which has a price tag below $500 and still performs better than an average scuba regulator in this tag. SubGear Cayman weighs (dry) 1.3 kg.

First Stage

First stage has 2 high pressure and 4 low pressure ports. One detail here is that there is enough room between these ports, giving you the chance to use a transmitter easily. Chrome plated brass is used to make it strong. You don’t have to worry about cold water because first stage is environmentally sealed. First stage is durable till 230 bars (300 bars if you use the DIN version).  Last but not least, it has a balanced diaphragm.

Second Stage

Second stage of SubGear Cayman has a carbon fiber techno polymer housing. The valve is air-balanced so you can breath comfortably. There is a venturi adjustment button near the second stage that you can use to adjust the air flow. If you increase it (move it to the + sign), regulator helps you vacuuming and you use less effort to inhale. However, I advise you to keep it somewhere in the middle because if it is highly opened, you can experience a free flow. Finally, wide purch (free flow) button is easy to find and use when necessary.

What Seaman Says?

I am using SubGear Cayman regulator for more than 2 years. As an instructor, I am diving more than more than 300 times in a year for my courses and pleasure. For these 2 years, I have only changed one of the o-rings in my second stage, that’s it! This showed me the durability of this regulator.

I have been to 40 meters (131 feet) with Subgear Cayman for more than 20 dives. This regulator gives you enough air with no breathing effort in every depth. At the same time, Cayman is comfortable in every position. Sometimes I start to descent feet first and if I am deep diving, I go on descending head first. Even in headstand positions while I am trying to take a photo of a grouper in its cave, this regulator does give me enough air without any hesitation.

If you ask me about the cons of SubGear Cayman, I cannot tell an exact feature. However, the second stage could have been tougher and lighter like titanium, but this time its price tag was going to be higher.


If you have a limited budget to $500, don’t even think before buying this reliable regulator. In, SubGear Cayman is $399.97 (while I am writing this review).

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