Survived After 3 Days In 30 Meters

Harrison Okena, who was a cook in a tugboat has been rescued by a diving team after 3 days underwater. Other 12 crewman’s bodies have been found in the boat. Most of them were locked in their cabins to be able to survive on a possible pirate attack. The tugboat hasn’t sunk at the bottom, but hovered in 30 meters. This occured in Atlantic Ocean, near Nigerian coast.

The tugboat, AHT Jascon 4 was towing an oil tanker on 26 May. But because of the tough weather conditions, the boat has started to sink. But it didn’t sink to the bottom, only “hovered” in 30 meters. Nigerian Harrison Okena has just got up when the boat has been rolled due to the heavy waves. Okena has found a “bubble” (the bubble size was 1.5 meters to 3 mteres) in the tugboat and sat on a table. This place became his life saver. Harrison Okena has drunk beverages floating for three days in 30 meters until the rescue divers have arrived.

The rescue team was able to arrive the “floating wreck” days later because of the weather conditions. They were diving to recover the bodies but found Harrison Okena sitting on a table in a “bubble”. They were shocked! One of the rescuers has claimed: “All on board could not believe how cool he was when being rescued.” The rescue team had to put Harrison Okena in a decompression helmet because Okena has been breathing compressed nitrogen during these three days. After then, Harrison Okena was brought to the surface by the rescue team.

Harrison Okena has seen one of the rescue divers down, but he hasn’t been able to reach him. But Okena has grabed the second diver he has seen. Can you imagine how scary would this be for the rescuer?

The owner of the boat, West African Ventures’ chief executive Jacques Roomans has told that Harrison Okena has been brought to the surface safely and going on responding to the treatment.


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